This can be deleted

Edit: No idea what the cause of the problem was, but it seems to have solved itself. This thread can be deleted.

Trying to stop the garbage input perhaps by throtelling.

5 submissions per minute is 12 seconds per submission. Math is fun, especially when it shows the root cause of the problem and the solution.

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I take the time to put some effort into it.

Here’s some ‘math’: if you click about 3 times a second you can get results like this in less than 10 seconds each easily as this takes 23 clicks.


It’s clearly explained in the message.

Your data also has a crossing edge here


The crossing edge is the start of a new square, but as it isn’t finished it is not counted.

That was in your example of you “take the time to put some effort into it.”.

Have I not been clear? It will be ignored, as the form has not been completed.

After finishing the upper form I clicked one too many times. When you click on the ‘submit’ button only completed forms are counted. So while I could press ‘Esc’ to remove that line, there is no good reason to do so.

Has CCP not been clear?


It’s CCP you’re arguing with.

You’ve already said that, you’re repeating yourself.

So where is the confusion and fog? Everybody else understands the submission rules.

The confusion and fog is that you’re not following that recently there has been a change to PD that now results in more frequent messages than I got in the last few months until two days ago in my case, like I’ve said in the opening post.

Is the throtelling within the time specified by the message put out by CCP?


If there is a bug, F12 report it, otherwise, adhere to the rules like everybody else.

CCP is the rule maker, the player is the rule taker.

Closing at the polite request of OP

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