This good bye to game that has not improve but has gotten worse

I just got ganked as I was warping away from a gate by a Tornado. Which would have destroyed my ship, even if I had a good tank on it. I have used anti ganking practices, but being destroyed in one shot is dumb as you have jumped into a high sec system and was jumping away from the gate. To prevent that would have required multi boxing or somebody else as an escort. Neither I can do right now.

I thought giving this game 4 years would have made this game better, but it has not improved it is has gotten worse. Do not bother replying or asking for my stuff. My stuff will be left in their various stations cluttering the server. For I could not be bothered move my stuff or even to give it away.

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let me guess, you lost a t1 hauler that was fully cargo expanded with no tank, or mwd+cloak tick?


Inside your cargohold it contained Yan Jung Technology, perhaps you should learn about that and apply it to your ship the next time you haul goods.

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You didn’t, you flew a massive, slow, untanked, low EHP, full cargo fit Iteron with over 200 mil in value on board. You did the exact opposite of “anti ganking practices”.

Your solution would be to use a smaller hauler like the Nereus and then tank the crap out of it or perhaps even go cloak/mwd, and then do multiple trips if you even needed that much cargo space. The other solution would have been to use a courier contract where you pay a tiny bit of isk for others to bear that risk FOR you.

What you did is lazy gameplay and in a competitive game like EVE, especially if you make yourself a valuable and easy target, that’s not going to work out too good.


Excellent, another goodbye EVE thread. Give OP 2-3 years and he will try things out again.

Very likely OP will not reply back to posts critical of his gameplay.

If you quit EVE we need proof of biomass. Otherwise you’re on an EVE break.


This is goodbye to game that has not improve but has gotten worse

This is goodbye to player that has not improve but has gotten worse.


Griefing is getting absolutely out of control…At this rate, EVE isn’t going to last another two years. CCP needs to do something about it soon, because all of the people who just want to play in peace and not get harassed by basement-dwelling virgins are going to quit, and the server will be empty.

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Your stuffs……I can haz it?

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