This is kinda scary, Slaughterbots

Well while the product is fake, the ideal is probably something that is of interest to governments, and the thing is, it is only a matter of time as they have already weaponized larger drones already.

The concept demo starts at 1:18

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:cold_sweat: That’s kind of scary. But, I wonder how real it is?

Justice cap FTW.

LiFi applications could be employed with the right programming and drop any device to the ground instantly once it came in sufficient range.

By 2 minutes time into I conceived about a dozen ways to circumvent the drones. Admittedly its kinda frightening.

Quite real. The video takes currently existing and widely available on market products, puts them together and weaponizes that combination.

For example the drone or there are many, many others, just google or check amazon for microdrones or quadcopter drones. Or take the one I linked to, use much higher end materials for about triple the price listed (bringing it to a wooping $48.48), then modify it.

Remove the R/C circuitry, replace it with a nano soc which you can buy at many electronics distributors, whole bunch found at automation direct, or even Grainger and McMaster, or you can even go to your local wallmart and buy a cheapy small phone and gut it and use the board and cam from that. Or maybe use a device like a rasberry, but even smaller.

The shaped charge explosives are also available at many weapon / ammo / demolition supply vendors, you can also buy them at any places that you get supplies to make fireworks. Or you can simply buy some ammo and make it, not very hard and no advanced knowledge required, just some basic chemistry physics and material shaping (i’m saying material cause I don’t think I would use metal for this purpose, there are sturdier and lighter options available).

The only challenge here would be to develop the software and automate it. Now, this is all on the private end, on the military end, this has already all been done: and just for starters.

If you’d like to know more, google US swarm drones, or DARPA drones, filter by last year on advanced.

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Water hydrant. Done. No more bots

ECMs for more wealthy sectors

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Only if you know they are coming. What do you do if you don’t expect them? If you sleep at night in your smart home with your smart locks that can easily be hacked?

The video is indeed concerning, although not unsurprising. We have nothing better to do than to look for ways to kill ourselves after all.

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The video is a edited version from a more serious video warning about the potential issues with autonomus killing machines, like the ASSumption that only the maker will control them and the “bad guys” will never get them. Yeah sure.

This is the original campaign video:

Watch it and sign the petition. Some stupid is too stupid even for human stupid.

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