This is why I don't mine in HS any more


Go big or go home.

Is that a gun on a viator?
Bruh, if you’re getting pointed on a blockade runner you’re doing something wrong. Seriously wrong.

Hell, putting a gun on any industrial is bad. Even baitships.

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Some activities in Eve scale too well across multiple accounts. CCP needs to increase the workload or find some other mechanism to create diminishing returns.

I’m not fundamentally opposed to multiboxing but, anything past 2 or 3 accounts should be complete misery unless you’re using automation - in which case you’re breaking the rules and risk getting banned.


Make eg mining have a GAMEPLAY, not a “clik once every 5minute”. Make it so that moving your ship around is relevant

Make rocks apply a AOE 1% increase per 1000mÂł extracted in miner cycle time when mining cycle ends (random 20-50km range range, based on the ore size), with duration linear with cycle time (half the cycle time)
A venture mining will give +0.25% duration for 30s every 60s, per miner.

…or you could just make it so all mining itself requires omega.


please STFU.

This would solve nothing at all and would only be an arbitrary way to piss people for no reason other than you being obsessed with alpha .

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A 15 account multibox fleet is unlikely to be Alpha or flying Ventures. Fleets of Orcas in highsec have replaced fleets of Rorquals in Nullsec - 100% predictable! We need the roaming Raznaborg fleets back to kill the drones!

Calm down, miner.

It already kinda require to be Omega, Alphas can only use Ventures when it comes to mining, and for HS multiboxing they are using barges at the very least.

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Removing the auto aggro from drones will help a long way toward solving the issues with mining bots and afk missioners. Like most other systems you should have to tell your drones to attack a target.

Now to apply this to mining, reducing shield recharge rates to 0.1 on all mining ships (so best you might get is a 5-10 dps passive tank), and decrease sensor strength of all mining vessels. Increase roaming npc mining gankers/npc mining factions which fight you off belts. Make them escalate, so after you’ve killed a scout, five mins later, two more appear, and so on and so on, untill you eventually have one of the heavier sized fleets from a level four mission fighting miners off the belts.

This would of course provide content the hisec carebear corps can work with, rather than have two cadres of mission runners and miners whinging asking them to fly put three systems to pop a frigate. It would otherwise encourage miners to move on to other belts and systems quickly.

To be honest I would like to see something like that implemented, with having to scan down belts as well.

What if CCP were to introduce massively overpowered NPCs that would emerge and barbecue unsuspecting AFK miners?


No it won’t.
STFU you have no idea what you’re talking about.

That’s content on demand. Not sure you have an idea how people would actually enjoy this.

Provides no evidence or suggestions to your denial and claims, and yet tells me to STFU…

I know EVE has been dumbing down for some time now but I didn’t know it was appealing to dropouts now.

You made a claim wrt auto aggro.
This claim was not provided with evidence.
So yes, this is â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  and lies propagation. Yes, you STFU.

You want to remove drone aggro, for reasons I don’t care about, and you are spreading lies in order to make that idea appear with a positiv view, even if those lies are obvious. That’s just propaganda, which works by repeating a lie enough times so that it becomes believable.

Calm down or learn how to spell/type correctly and then people might take you seriously, or at least consider you less dumb than you apparently are.

Sure dude, you been caught spreading lies and now you gonna put that on bad spelling.

What an hypocrite.

“caught spreading lies”

What, an opinion on how to fix a broken system? Are you really that much of a retarded conspiracy theoriest that you think someone’s opinion is n in disagreement with yours is a lie? Or are you just simply that dumb as to think your opinion is fact, so everyone who disagrees is being dishonest?

The system is broken, and the fact that you bot/multibox afk mission and mine won’t change that.

no, your claim that it will fix something, while it’s completely irrelevant to that thing. This IS propaganda.
Drone auto aggro is NOT related to mining bots. Claiming otherwise is a lie.

{citation needed}

Having bots != being broken. Bots are a common issue of the video games, not the symptoms that the system is broken.

Uhhh. You did notice the whole point of this thread is multiboxing. You can’t multi box alpha accounts.

You win most irrelevant and pointless comment though.

Alpha mining isn’t a thing. All alpha mining ships utterly suck. Getting even half decent yield as an alpha miner requires to either risk your yield in a jetcan or to participate in a mining fleet. Alpha mining is such a minor and rare activity that it’s essentially a rounding error/statistical outlier.