This may seem like a silly question

I have been thinking of trying out burner missions and the advice i seem to see is to try it on the test server. why and what is the difference?

thank you

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It’s cheaper, for starters. That way you won’t lose a lot of expensive ships trying it out…


Or you could just follow the guide threads that are posted here in the forums. The players who created those guides spent a lot of time researching and testing various fits and tactics just to help the Eve Online community.


There are no silly questions,
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Use this guide. Or alternatively this one if you are well skilled.

Personally, with the exception of drone skills, I have max applicable skills in all sub-cap fits. That said, I still wish I had tried them all out on the test server first. Max skills != experience in beating the burners. And beating them is not easy until you have practice.

That is why you have been told to practice on the test server… Personally, I wish someone had told me to do so too (although I probably wouldn’t have listened).


even so trying them on the test server can be valuable experience. I’m trying to go back and run all the missions with a lower SP character, and that’s caused me a few problems that I don’t have with my almost all lv5 pilots.

The main thing I noticed was rocket range, I fired 4 clips of rockets at the burner daredevil and was wondering what the heck was going on as it was still alive, and I was barely breaking the tank. Turns out it flies right around max range, so most of my rockets weren’t even hitting. And by changing the direction I was flying I started hitting with more rockets and killed it with the next clip.

if I went right to my max skill rage rocket fit I don’t know if I’d have been able to hit at all, and pretty shortly thereafter my ship would have been a wreck as that one isn’t stable.

I suggest this thread for fits and updates. My post with all my fits is right near the top, just scroll down a few posts and it should be there (they are also linked in the first post). the links in the above post aren’t completely up to date.


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