This one for the hi-sec miners, haulers, and their enemies

This one makes no sense. The “pirate” is guaranteed to lose their ship. How is that risk free? Because the risk is 100%, so it ceases to be a risk? So, are you in favor of making changes to reduce the chance of loss for the pirate, thereby increasing risk?

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The interaction between high sec pirates and their targets is so one sided that the targets of the high sec pirates don’t even consider banding together to fight back like people do in other parts of space.

They all expect CONCORD to save them.

In other parts of space you can have backup fleets as well, which you can call when your mining ship or ratting ship gets attacked. If you’re lucky they arrive in time and can fight back to save you before you die.

Very few of those response fleets are as fast and reliable as CONCORD. The only problem of CONCORD is that CONCORD is very predictable, so if you want an unpredictable faster response you’ll have to work together with players.

Then fit up and fly out. Gank the gankers. Don’t cry to daddy CCP to do it for you.

It is because I see losing a ship, especially a destroyer as no loss. The highsec pirate organization scans the cargo and chooses the target. Does the math and calculates the profit. If there is no profit and they still do it then the profit was laughs and the loss was their choice. I see no loss. Or am I wrong? I dont know how certain they can be as to what the cargo or modules are before choosing to attack.

In my mind the highsec pirate is more like a rogue in wow which I have played. You choose your target when the risk is low to yourself and high to them.

The problem I think is that highsec exists at all. The solution is probably to leave highsec because it seems, though I am just guessing, that the mechanics of highsec work against the people of highsec.

Id agree with you but the gankers do not care if they lose ships. Why is it that I never see the gankers? Is it because they are mostly hiding? Sure once in a while I see a flock of red pods moving here or there and once I did grab one once because I happened to be fit. wow they lost a pod. Big deal.

But that isnt what I wanted to write. I came to write about my recent experience of role playing a garbage collector. Yes a garbage collector. I went to what I thought might be a level 4 mission running spot to scan down battleships and salvage and loot their wrecks. These people must be hammering the dscan button like abuse victims flinching and afraid of being hit again. That is no way to live. Barely warped in and the golem or vindicator is already warping out. Good for me to collect the garbage I guess but man what has been done to them? Drake pilots dgaf I noticed. They are like blow me up idc lol. They are very chill.

I remember eve being kind of a happy place. There were large carriers hauling stuff all over. I was always checking out this fancy ship or that now while I was traveling maybe its just me but I dont really see that anymore.

This place has become a hell hole. The people are not happy.

Could be that they are playing the wrong game.

I think I called highsec-pirates terrorists before and I didnt mean to. I think of them as highsec pirates and piracy is a huge part of eve and needed. Almost every player falls into one of three categories I think, will be a pirate, is a pirate, or was a pirate. Or at least that is my guess. I dont want to break highsec piracy. Years ago I said that piracy must come to high sec. I just think maybe its gone a bit too far and could use a minor adjustment.

I offered an extreme adjustment not really intending that I would actually want to see it happen because I have seen that reasonable ideas get you nowhere. Then I went even further and suggesting that they wouldnt even be able to board a ship in highsec with a negative bounty on their head haha. Im a dick lol. Lmao. What a dick haha.

I am not seeing any real way to fight back against someone hiding in the shadows waiting for the advantage.

But then I am not really affected by this. I dont actually have a horse in the race. I just saw these flinchy mission runners and I felt what I imagined to be their pain. Im a bleeding heart that way.

Ok now you’re just straight lying.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:

Because you’re bad at the game and don’t know how to hunt people?

or they are smart and figure you’re a ganker alt :smiley:

Learn how to EVE kthx :smiley:

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I feel like I got more tears here by writing a few words. K thanks.

These are just words and are not implemented in the game nor will they ever be. Calm down. Funny how the pros come crying at the sight of a few words.

I came here this morning to say thanks for taking the time out of your days to respond and comment. Its appreciated.

Moving on to new thoughts. This one is done.

No one is crying bro. You’re just a troll alt whose bad at the game and trolling :smiley:


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