This one for the hi-sec miners, haulers, and their enemies

If one wanted to break hi sec suicide ganking one might implement the following.

  1. Create a hi-sec movement tax. 1 isk required for every use of a jump gate, every dock, and every boarding of a ship.

  2. Create negative bounties. In this case a negative bounty is when someone who has been suicide ganked in hi-sec may pay Concord or whichever npc organization isk. An equal negative balance is applied to the suicide gankers account. So if the suicide ganker has 100 million isk in that characters account and the victim of the suicide gank pays 10 million isk to the appropriate npc organization then the ganker character account will now read 90 million isk. If the suicide gankers account had been at zero then the suicide gankers account will now be at minus 10 million isk and so would be unable to pay the high sec movement tax and effectively be unable to operate until the balance is once again in the positive.


Negative Bounties

Or just lock safeties to green.

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your ideas are at least equal to mine. edit - i mean to say all ideas are valid and i am not married to mine

i didnt want to make it impossible, more like looking for a way to increase the punishment side to things, id probably think about setting alphas to green while in high sec, but i wouldnt want to ruin their game

Why would you want to break it?

It is literally fine. The only peeps getting killed are the bad ones.

This is a terribad idea. Just watch local, d-scan and use F-10, other meta tools kthx.

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afterwards i thought to myself that break was the wrong word

i apologize if my idea was too hard core for you

It isn’t that its hardcore, its simply bad. Just learn to EVE and you’ll be fine.

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The second one could be so easy to abuse, rich players can just zero anyone’s account, no thanks.



I dont actually care that much. It is more that I am enjoying the game and so sometimes enjoy thinking about it. Also my heart does bleed for their pain true. It is more like the idea of what appear to be terrorists seem to be practically free to roam what I would expect to be civilized space. Of course things will still happen but why would the empires allow terrorists to use their services. It just doesnt make sense on a logical level.

anyway dont over estimate how much I actually care about the subject. Thanks for interacting.

I once posted another idea, on a different account that I dont have anymore, that it would be fun to be able to buy a version of a warp bubble that is tuned only to a single target. So you can catch the pod easier. Then once it is was caught put it into your cargo hold and take back to the authorities for a little prison time. I wrote that from the perspective of being a low sec intercept pilot who for a couple months just roamed lowsec looking for trouble. Poor mining barges. I never said I chose hard targets. I thought it would be hilarious to be caught and hauled back to prison in someones cargo hold. Nobody wants to suffer any consequences it seems. I think it would be fun to suffer some consequences.

I wouldnt want someone to pull out their credit card in a fit of rage and nuke someones negative bounty, if it existed which it doesnt, into the ninth level of hell from orbit. That wouldnt be cool.

anyway it doesnt matter

thats true. i wouldnt want someone to get nuked from orbit by someones credit card

Shipwreck Jones, I dont even know what to say to this low effort post

A meme is worth a thousand words… well, in this case, it’s worth about thirty:

How does making the game safer and more risk free equate to a “hard core” change? Because it seems to me like what you’re proposing is the exact opposite.

Well it sure would make the game more ‘hard core’… for his enemies.

‘Buff my gameplay, nerf my enemies’, if I could have one ISK each time a suggestion like that would be posted on the forums I can pay any gate tax.


From the point of view of the empires, all the capsuleer miners and industrialists are stealing productivity and resources from all the people that the empires are trying to protect. It is not at all surprising that Concord strikes a rather unenthusiastic attitude toward protecting these criminals from other capsuleers that are blowing them up.


Interesting. I did wonder if maybe the capsuleers are a special class of citizen.

The interaction between the highsec pirates and the victims appears to be rather one sided in favor of the highsec pirates.

Thank you. From my view the position of the highsec pirate appears to be the one that is rather risk free. I am not seeing any real repercussions from my view.

Also. Does it make me a bad person to also want to see the tears of the highsec pirates and not only those of their victims?

Well, nothing wrong with wanting to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Trying to get CCP to destroy their play style, on the other hand, would be a different matter.

Anyway, I might respond to the “ganking is too risk free” comment later. I just don’t have time to get into it right now.


i took a very strong, idk what to call it, position with my idea and I know that it is very extreme.

I was kinda hoping for some counter ideas. Yes leave it as it is is a counter idea.