Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery (Peanut gallery fixes sovnull)

I’ll do this in reverse. I’ll get to the point and zoom out then introduce myself.

There are a few changes that I’d like to put forward first:
Remove local member list from all sections of space
Intel channel to be replaced by a simple # of ships in space in the solar system

  • Cloak and dscan immunity applies
    Super Capital ships should be siege weapons not fleet fight weapons
    Let them retain their fleet support action and focus their offensive weapons on anti-structure weapons
  • Titans: battering ram, only targets structures
  • a. Weapon varieties for single / multi target weapons target / aoe damage
  • FAux: more deeply invested into a triage
  • a. Repair effect similar to Warp Bubbles direct targeted effect on titans / aoe repair effect for non supercap
  • Dreds: Counter to other siege weapons / defends structures
  • All of these have the added limitation of only being able to jump to a Citadel not using any jump gate but with a jump range limit

These changes are made to support the main goal : Null Sec Sovereignty should be instituted in the same manner as Wormhole Sovereignty.

Let me explain:
Null Sec Sovereignty should not be a coded game mechanic where in there is some in-game switch you have to use to ‘turn on’ your sovereignty rather you hold sovereignty over the space you can actually defend with fleets and citadels.
Some other modifications that I feel would need to be made to ensure maximal fun

  • Structures like astrahus/keepstar/etc be placed within range of the gates
  • Explanation: This can be scaled if need be by sec status of the star system but in Null a station should be able to sit on the gate 25-50 km off. This would give them a tacitcal advantage if you wanted to “storm the gates” but that makes sense. The counter is also pretty sensible: Use cov-ops/blops to get a foothold in the system.
    “But You will never be able to take a system from anyone!” I hear cried out. Remember that the largest combat ship that can be deployed is a battle ship. The fights will be on that level. In addition to the following:
  • PoSs: re-tooled into a rapid deployment “tactical camp” where an attacking force would stage from, once they gain access to the system
  • Explanation: We can keep all of the current PoS code/items/etc but use them rather as a FOB that you establish so that you can build your own jump gate (thus negating their tactical advantage at the gate etc). Once deployed they begin to decay they last 24-48 hours. This is so that a citadel can be placed or they can harass and raid a rear station far from the front lines. Citadels would not be allowed to launch inside the PoS bubble but can be < 10km.

In this system the basic military progression from hostile system to conquered would be as follows:

  1. Insert surveillance
    1. This is aided by the missing local member list and just the ship count
    2. Also directs some Null alliances to get a WH of their own so they can try to roll dice until they get an insertion WH to their enemy territory
  2. Covops cyno in a blops fleet
  3. Deploy/online PoS / FOB (thus announcing your presence)
  4. Deploy/online a jumportal this can be within the protective bubble
  5. Deploy Primary fleet through jump portal to relieve the blops/covops
  6. Deploy Citadel
  7. Bring Titan/SuperCaps into system
  8. Destory one of the enemy bases stationed at a planet/moon
  9. Plant your own FOB/Citadel
  10. Repeat Steps 6-9 until system is yours

Overall the combat becomes more granular . Fights are over solar regions but it is down to planet by planet, moon by moon. BS combat is more visceral but don’t have the flaw of being simple “I win” buttons. The Front of a war between two rival powers would be able to be SEEN directly by going to their contested systems and witnessing the carnage first hand. This also means a bigger emphasis on either being able to out produce a foe or being more efficient. Kinda like in real life.

This will slow galactic wars down in some cases but there is more PVP, more economic turnover, more tactical emphasis, longer more protracted wars (which in almost any other context is a bad thing but here serves us more gameplay for less work).

Battle grounds will look like battle grounds. There will be fighting in among the wreckage. It will resemble trench warfare of The Great War (WWI) which was horrible specifically because it provided all the things we are looking for in a PVP game. Lots of killing, dying, personal combat, all that good (for a pvp game) stuff.

Keep in mind that while I may sound like I know what I’m talking about it is probably an illusion. I was formally trained in Game Design but have never been on a team to nor actually fully developed a game professionally. I also have not maintained residence in either SovNull or WH for very long at all. This is mostly me applying my military background, education, lots of podcasts and a bit of YouTube to a problem I read about on reddit, so take it with a spoon-full of salt.

Let me also point out that this is not my only character but it is my currently played character.

Edit for poor formatting.

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While we are at it. Let’s make it so every WH has a permanent connection to thera with infinite mass and infinite duration that are clearly marked and require no scanning. (Maybe establish a handful of other “hub systems that are used for those connections in order to cut down on clutter”)

I mean if your gonna try and make sov-null more like wormholes. It’s only fair to make wormholes more like sov-null. Wormholes are too easy to maintain control over, if someone you can’t fight rolls into uou it’s too easy to lock them out. They should always have an easy and permanent access route in order to facilitate more pvp.

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