Thoughts on Productive Feedback

old players = topics about fun and ■■■■
new players =topics about abuse and personal development
oh brave new world

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I’m not, my post was in jest. I’m Amarr, too, but I know that you Matari slaves don’t understand humour… Now, stop gawking at me and get back to work!! Slave!

If I were in charge of the mod team, I’d implement a very interesting rule regarding this: anyone who makes such an accusation against another poster must provide a scientifically/medically-minded diagnosis of the person they’re accusing, using deductive reasoning and citing at least some sources in the medical field as justification for the accusation. If they don’t do this within a reasonable time frame, they get a long forum ban.

I’ve tried for years to get someone to do this to me, and there have been no takers. Same form a few other people I know. I’ve mastered EVE a long time ago, but this has been my one perennial failure, the Moby Dick to my Captain Ahab. :anguished:

Wow that is mental. So how many ISD staff would they employ to do the background checks.

Some ideas arent worth the ASCII transmission.

I am sure a lot of this comes with age too - a few years ago I was the shouty type on the phone but as I have grown older and wiser, I am much more laid back by taking a step back and respond in a more calmly manner :upside_down_face:

Really good post and some lessons to be learned from a few people on here :smiling_imp:


No background checks. The point of the rule would be to make the accuser put in some effort instead of just blurting out something dumb and not being called out on it.

I’m calmly loading HAIL… CALMLY!!!

You better load that hail a little faster than that if you don’t want to feel the wrath of my whip, slave :grin:

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Fire all the management and bring in new since they have obviously failed.

You are a smart girl. Just take a moment to think about it and you will realize that the worse thing that can happen is someone providing such “diagnosis”.

Oh Pitty! How about I place a bounty in your head to make you feel better?

I’m surprised by the disparity between channels like Rookie Help and the forums. Rookie Help is often helpful to those with questions, and while it’s not devoid of trolls, they’re outnumbered by those who are earnest.

I’ve come to understand why CCP would ignore the forums, because it seems there are far more trolls here than in-game. I can’t say for certain, but “make a thread on the forums” might be CCP’s way of saying, “I’ve done everything I can to help you, but you’re not satisfied, so take your complaints elsewhere.”

In my observations here, there are a number of people who enjoy trolling, intermingled with people who come here to complain, and with people who earnestly enjoy the game and want to offer productive feedback. I’d put them in that order, from loudest to quietest here.

It’s no wonder CCP may not give the forums any attention, given much of what I’ve seen is simply griping or trolling. My suggestions in the original post were an attempt to assist those earnest players who want to provide helpful feedback to CCP. Trolls are intentionally antagonistic, and there’s an adage about leading a horse to water which applies to earnest but overly emotional players.

I still enjoy the forums, and firmly believe they could be a useful tool for feedback, but they are impeded by the antagonists and willfully ignorant players who refuse to attempt communication rather than simply venting.

If I had any influence on the forums, I might suggest a subforum to pile all the gripes and trolling threads, but from what I’ve seen that would likely be the largest subdivision of the forum.

As it is, I can see why CCP doesn’t take the forum seriously, and I don’t expect that will change so long as we have the demographics we do, where trolls and gripers outnumber the earnest players willing to engage in a dialog.

My experience in the game is largely positive, and I’m encouraged the social atmosphere of New Eden runs contrary to the caustic interactions that are so frequent here.

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I left rookie chat and have taken to the forums.
It seemed to me that rookie help ALWAYS spirals out of control with E-peen battles between those that intend to answer.

example :

Rookie : What is a good ship to run missions ?

Or you get completly random chatter in rookie chat about rl politics and events 100% unmoderated.

Rookie Chat for somebody that was genuinenly interested in onboarding newbies was some of the crappiest experience.

My experience with Rookie Chat has been the complete opposite. I wonder if it’s a matter of timing. Usually I see people being helped, and a minimal amount of what you’ve described as your routine experience. That’s strange how we’ve had nearly polar opposite experiences with Rookie Chat. Has it been a while since you’ve been in RC? It may have changed since you last saw it.

I think last time was around a year or two.

I’ve been playing about 4 months, and while Wookie Chat does have its share of griefers and whiners and people who generally jam up the channel, I’d say 95% of the time I get a thoughtful answer to my question. The other 5% comes from when the channel is busy enough I get overlooked, or the people present don’t understand what it is I’m asking.

It is up to you whether or not to participate in off-topic discussions.

We tell those Rookies every day to rephrase their question. There is no “best.”

It is unfortunate you did not have a good enough time in Rookie Help, but your experience has differed from mine. I spend most of my in-game time in Rookie Help, contributing both to the helping and to the off-topic banter. The regular Helpers there are some of the most witty and kind players I have ever met in EvE.

In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing you chat with us in my nine months of play. I am only in Rookie Help. Perhaps you lack patience, which is required en masse when dealing with not only rookies, but bittervet alts designed to subvert thoughtful discussion.


And EUTZ will be primetime for USTZ trolls. Yeah, perhaps the short end of the straw, or perhaps the place is somehow much better with me now in it.

For ideas and thoughts to he “productive”, the posts should stimulate a meaningful positive change from CCP. Unfortunately, CCP has a past history of listening only to their own inner voices and concepts, trumping ideas put forth by the CSM, player groups, and individuals. Too many times CCP has added or changed gameplay that wasn’t requested or sought by the players or their representatives, usually upending long standing and undrstood mechanics that the vast majority of the players accept. Meanwhile, interesting suggestions and ideas that are posted are ignored. However, the idea of polite, calm, and focused interactions is spot on.

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I will bite it.

That is CCP’s forum about CCP’s game. If they had any interest to make it free of griping/trolling that would be a non-issue(as is the case in other forums). However, they decided to allow the heated word battles in this forum be an extension and a complement to the heated battles we enjoy in the game.
People have forum alts to do PVP in the forum like they have combat alts to do PVP in game, others just do it with their mains. And that is fine by CCP standards.
No withstanding, dialog do happen in this forum. Some of the best feedback there comes from people routinely acused of being trolls, while the people acusing them are doing nothing else but that is EVE, that is PVP and, as long that is kept in the forum/game, that is fair game too.
HTFU or contract me your stuff.