Thrasher Turret Model

I know the turrets on the ships that appear if you fill up your hardpoints re cosmetic and how they are aimed doesn’t affect accuracy. There are even oddities like a Venture salvaging with what appears to be a turret. However, it just seems kind of strange that for the thrasher, when shooting forward it doesn’t appear that more than 3 of the turrets can actually fire in arc 30 degrees ahead of your ship which looks wierd

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Catalyst should be able to fire all 16 neutron blasters at once.


What about the other 4?

Each fitted gun gets two models. The Catalyst has 8 hardpoints, so it gets 16 models. Also, I think some of the guns would hit the ones in front of them unless you were at a very specific angle.

But not 16 turrets firing at once:rofl:

Yes but pixels work differently. It’s a kind of magic :upside_down_face:

Of course, and yeah fair enough.

Catalysts should fly round and round in circles if one just takes out whatever expensive computing is un-necessarily defying the laws of angular momentum to make the ship stable in flight.

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