Thresher Mining

Thresher Drone w/ gatherers. (interactive mining)
[wordpad doc and MS Paint pictopimpness]

torque guage
shows the quantity of force currently applied to the thresher.
it is the primary indicator of how efficient the operation is going and is increased or decreased by manually controlling the power and feed sliders.
will also indicate a possibility of damage to the thresher by the red zone. (too much feed, not enough power / too much of both on a tough roid or dense spots in a roid)
keeping the torque meter in the green will not cause damage to the thresher unit and increases in efficiency the closer to the red it is.
in the white adds no efficiency
in the red increases efficiency greatly with a likelihood of damaging the unit.

power slider
allows control of the quantity of thrust to the thresher increasing its rotational velocity

freewheel guage
meters the rpm’s of the thresher unit.
while rotating slowly under minimal power has no adverse affects, rotating violently fast (too much power) with a lack of feed pressure applied may cause damage to the thresher by wobbling
uncontrollably and randomly smashing into the roid(a loud raucus audio would b great). (possibly flying off into space?)

feed slider
allows control to apply or remove (or back off completely) pressure of the thresher unit onto the roid

damage meter
is a self diagnostic which gives visual aid to the pilot when it’s time to repair the thresher prior to catastrauphic damage or complete destruction of the thresher.

1 thresher drone(10 or 25m3?)
4 gatherer drones(5m3 ea. not unlike current miners)
thresher U.I.
possible control module fitting
ship to fit the mod n carry the thresher n gatherers

random ponderings
-thresher drone may need its own control module(fitting)
-while the thresher drone beats & cuts up the roid into particles, the 4 gatherer drones collect the debris and deposit into the miner’s ship
-burrowing into the roid will uncover different deposits and densities therefore the torque & freewheel guages will vary while threshing operations continue creating a constant need for feed & power control manipulation
-the sensors on board the thresher allow it to detect the final quantity of ore and stop itself prior to a freewheeling event (or possibly add the necessity to fit a roid scanner?)

“IMG for UI will be in another post because I’m new apparently”

jealousy of my mspaint skills will not be tolerated


So you just want an all-in-one mining drone set up that does everything without the drawbacks of having to fit modules on your ship?

I don’t see how this is “interactive” at all, other than just setting the drone to the maximum, sitting close to it, and going AFK to mine.

-1, overly complicated and bad idea that’s pretending to be a fix for something that doesn’t need fixing

see this

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it looks like he is attempting to come up with an idea for active mining as he states

meaning a miner using the system would have to manually make adjustments in order to get the deposits

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thank you

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Dude, you’re like, the Picasso of MSPaint.


Thresher Mining all info up there


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So… why should mining require complicated balancing of sliders while ratting does not.
Mining typically pays less than comparable ratting, it should not be more complicated.

Actual mining requires digging through various layers of sediment for a specific type of Ore, those various layers have different consistencies ranging from soft to hard. As such it requires ‘Hands On’ operation to prevent mechanical breakdown.

Ok, and?
Who cares what actual mining requires. This is
A: A Game.
B: Our ships have crews who can handle a lot of that,
C: Mining needs to be balanced against Ratting, if Mining is more complex and pays less…

Why the fixation on ratting? There’s plenty of other career choices in the game besides ratting.

I can play the question game too. Such as why does PI consist of a bunch of mouse clicks just to enable it. Why is there a mini-game now just to open up cans at Hacking sites? Why do probes have to be manually moved and resized to scan for exploration sites?

All those activities should be automated without requiring any manual input.

Anyway, no reason for you to be so obstinate about it.

Oh by the way, Eve Online was originally intended to be a real time based virtual reality set in a futuristic space environment.


This just looks annoying to play. If it was patch notes a lot of people would be seriously pissed.


I would support a module that could be fit to a barge/other mining ship that would require active manipulation and as a reward offered higher yields compared to a standard mining laser. I don’t like the idea of forcing it on anyone, and it definitely shouldn’t need a physics degree or whatever to operate.

That very much depends on what you are ratting. A lot of sites require you to be very active. But I agree, those sites that doesn’t should be changed.

I like the overall point of making mining a bit more engaging because this would mean that 1. Bots are less likely to do it. 2. Less people will do it optimally which will increase the value of ore which in turn makes mining more profitable.

How about this:

Mining should be more competitive so that it’s not an activity hogged by carebears who devalue the profession, but instead attracts PvPers who understand that the single most important profession in mining should be tied to fights for resources and territory.

I can’t wait for that to happen and it will happen eventually.

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