Thunderchild (alternative model) V2

This guy on the Eve roleplaying discord (Uriel) made this incredible redesign of the Thunderchild (Edencom Battleship). It would make such a good T2 variant model or dread model if sized up. I really don’t want this to get forgotten somewhere as I ADORE it, so thought I’d post it here for you guys to see.

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3D dun work embedded

I have tested it on 2 pc’s and it is confirmed to work on both using chrome as of 1 minute ago. If it does not work on your browser then I cannot help you and you need to swap to the correct software.

Not everybody uses Chrome, it fails in Brave, works when linking the external site though.

Kinda looks like he stuck the Thunderchild wings on a Drekavac to be honest.

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We can call it The Fat Wing™

So he gave it an erection?

The Thunderchild reminds of me native American “thunderbird” art.

Just awful

imagine being so petty & talent-less at the same time.

TIL that having an opinion on something makes you talentless and petty

I mean, you do understand the concept of “personal preference” and that not everything is going to be to everyones taste right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does it come in gold?

I guess I should have put it like this:

In my opinion the ship designs and their derivatives are awful.

Maybe then his feelies wouldnt have got hurt.

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I’m sure he would still find a way for his feelies to be hurt lol

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