Tie the FW industrial bonuses to WZ tier instead of system tier

This is something I brought up during the lowsec and fw roundtable.

Right now one of the only reasons to control a system in FW is that you can make sure that system stays at tier 5, giving you cost reduction for industry jobs and market fees.

Something that would motivate militias to control the war zone is needed that does not benefit LP farmers. By tying these bonuses to the tier of the war zone it gives you an incentive to control the war zone instead of individual systems, especially if you do a lot of Not everyone cares about this bonus, but almost everyone benefits from it in some way or another.

What does the community think about this?

this would not be a reason to hold a system so much as a reason not to take it. even if you some how managed to tie it to only effect alts in the faction if the bonuses were enough to actually encourage people to do industry you would just get a bunch of people from all factions and out of faction who want to make sure nothing changes that would require them to move.

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