Time for some new hardware, advice please

It’s getting to the time for a hardware upgrade, but I’m very out of touch with what’s available now - and the guy who used to build my systems for me, and who I trusted to get it right, is no longer in business. I’m in the UK btw.

I currently have a 10+ year-old good quality system based on an Asus M4A78LT-M motherboard, with an AMD Phenom II X6 10557 Processor x6, 8 Gb of memory and a GTX560 video card with 1 Mb. I run Linux Mint 17.3.

This is starting to ‘run out of steam’. When I first ran Eve a couple of years ago I could run 3 (32-bit) clients concurrently alongside Firefox and Discord, but nowadays it strains to run even 2 (64-bit) clients at once, and adding Discord or Firefox alongside those 2 is likely to push the system into memory-thrashing and video lag. Even reducing all 3 clients to absolute minimum graphics only works if at least 1 of them is minimised to the task bar. N.B. I’m not blaming Eve for this, it’s just down to software providing more facilities and therefore using more resources.

The rest of the system is fine (SSD, PSU, case etc.) , so basically I’m looking for a recommendation for a new motherboard/CPU/memory combination, and (later) a better graphics card. I’m happy to get individual boards and components, as I can put it all together OK. I’ll be upgrading to Mint 19.3 as well, if that’s relevant. It would be nice if it could also support 3 monitors, but that’s not an essential.

I’m also looking for supplier recommendations in the UK.

I’ve asked here as I’m a Linux user, but is there a more appropriate forum I should move this to ?


Talk to Lee Grant, he does articles in a PC Mag (I forget which), knows his stuff but not specifically Linux so u’ll have to spec out your upgrade yourself. He did a laptop repair for me and was awesome.

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