Time to go!

I think the struggle is because they nerfed the PvP out and all that’s left isn’t enough to be competitive.

It’s like an ice cream store that stops selling ice cream.

Too bad, because I really like ice cream.

Oh you’re so wrong,

But the real problem here is that you really seem to believe what is washed into your brain for years by the csm.
By a csm that just sees and promotes the needs of the big null sec alliances and sold it as the needs of “all players” which is wrong to the core.

Conviniendly those null sec alliances only vote themselves into csm so there never was an opposition to them…really conviniend …

So don’t believe what they said,open your eyes for the TRUE problems which are that this game needed a 180° turnaround to what the mmog market did years ago,LESS pvp not more and IF pvp then not everywhere but instead in seperated areas,seperated from the game and seperated from “normal” players which DON’T WANT to pvp as a majority.
Pure PVP was and ever will be a 25% minority but somehow this minority via csm has managed to look as “all of us”.

It’s a lie.

THIS is the truth,not what csm told you for years now…

Single man sobfest.

Go to time!

Uplifting teenegy farewell.

Some pointers for your next quiting…your welcome
… can send liquid assets to this char,
Wont say no to purple but not anything else.

So you don’t like ice cream?

Logically, I feel like that is as good of a takeaway as any.

Oh i like ice cream,but some sorts are really outdated and have to go…i specified them…and the shop needs a reconstruction…after that the shop will sell even more…

Can I have your stuff?

Bye! Can i have your ships


How about letting an old enemy have your atuff

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Can I have your ISK? :angel:

can this be merged with his other crying time to go topic?

Might be an idea to provide a link to the other topic?

same name… “time to go!”

It is the same post! You are not very smart it seems!

He made multiple posts… that one i linked at 30 some replies… they are both now in OOPE… open OOPE and see 2 TIME to go posts…


Why are you so worried about it?

Why are there 2 of these?

By the history one was in GD and the other in Merc services, Both moved here but not merged!

Take care, Sol!