Time to go!

With the Rubicon development plan, CCP fired player money and hired player satisfaction instead.

CCP sacrificed highsec PvErs (money) to add pew-pew structures to New Eden and open full the ISK faucet for nullseccers (satisfaction).

Along the way, they made changes to try and stop the massive bleeding of newish players by removing hazards, burdens and threats, since they knew that population would take a serious hit.

Five years later, the only ones happy with the changes (yet don’t dare to ask them, otherwise they will flood you with a tsunami of grievances) are nullseccers, specially the Goons. That left behind highseccers, PvErs and lowseccers, and opened the door to them leaving.

Unfortunately, both the goons and nullseccers are a small population to fund with their expense the operation and development of a game like EVE Online, and as more and more people left behind by the Rubicon plan quit, the situation will just worsen.

It’s not the PvPrs leaving what killed EVE Online. It was CCP’s decission to prioritize 10% of the players against 40% of them.

Your prey quit. That’s why you PvPrs complain. It was not the changes to try and avoid the bleeding of that prey, but the neglect of why they (we) were here in the first place.


It’s really funny to see that things never change in mmog forums… :slight_smile:

If the producer changes something and may it be just a slight bit of the game it’s always “The end of the game” and the comments if people post a “I leave” post are always the same too.

But at the end of the day others will join,others that BECAUSE OF THE CHANGES are now more interested in joining.

And let’s face it,this game was released 2003 in a timline in which this “pvp everywhere” was new and acceptable,but nowadays “modern” games have this limited and pressed into special areas so that this approach is outdated,so that,after 16 years,a change cannot be as bad as some state it.

And @Jonah Gravenstein are you serious in stating that new players do not count but just those that are on for years? Last time i looked a one day old player pays the same as one that is years in this game so this statement is a little bit snotty in my eyes.
And payment is the only thing that counts for CCP and Pearl Abyss,not tradition or the feelings of older players,so their course in attracting people that may be only on in this game for a couple of months is true and righteous.

Things change even in eve and some here should get used to this.

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I said no such thing, I suggest you reread what I posted.

Someone who only plays for a couple of months isn’t going to replace someone who has played, and paid, for over a decade. Older players also tend to be where the knowledge about the game resides.

Player churn may bring in the same income as a long term player, but only if they can convince some new players to pay.

Sorry to see you ‘go’. As since some time you could as well just play for free. I checked my wallet and was dissapointed you didn’t send me any ISK.

Farewell Sol,
I understand your position.

Noragen throws the nicest eulogies, maybe he’ll do one for you.

You earned one, IMO.

Man, Balos, you really want to get banned yet again, just because you’re not learning? :slight_smile:

Last year you were all smug about how CCP is going to remove PvP from highsec.
This year … well … they’re not going to remove PvP from highsec.
Next year … boy, hate to tell you … they’re also not going to remove PvP from highsec.

What does that make you look like, considering how smug you were about your ■■■■■■■■?
What does it make you look like, when you get banned on a char and then come back on another, doing the same thing yet again?

Do you know the definition of insanity? :slight_smile:

@Sol_epoch I don’t believe it, but take care anyway. :slight_smile:

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What are you even talking about?
Do you know it yourself?

Said changes will come because they have to and there is no salt or anything you guys can do about to stop the natural developement of the game.
I know you will try but you will fail.

So let’s prepare for the ragequit of the selfproclaimed “by ccp betrayed players because ccp gave up 15 years of tradiotion and throwed it in a trashbin for what? Making more money?”

What a betrayal by a company that they want to make money from people that are not the self proclaimed eve elite players and that they,in order to do that,have to change the game to the better.

Really unbelievable that things change over time and do not stay the same as they did for one and a half decade.

Get adult y’all and face the fact that you are not eve…ccp is eve…

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I am an adult. You are not.
You are mentally ill and need help, Balos.

I know you’re completely broken, but even you need to understand that …
… when they work on a release that’s about highsec PvP …
… they will not, in the near or medium future …
… going to remove PvP from highsec.

They will also not do that in the long run, because there is no need to. Your idea that it is a must exists only in your own head and nowhere in reality. I do not know what happened to you that pushed you into this rather weird mental state, but the delusions you are suffering from can not ever turn into reality.

Delusions. Yes. You’re delusional.

Your lack of understanding of the economy, highsec mechanics are bad, but your mental health issues are an actual problem.

You are, literally, insane. Repeating the same nonsense over and over again, ignoring that nothing changes. That your words are empty, worthless and a waste of time. You’ll get banned again, you’ll come back again, and you’ll get banned again. Ad Infinitum.

And no matter what you do, or say, you will never get what you want …
… because no one cares about what you want, because it’s dumb and a sign of mental illness.

At least try having a nice day anyway. :blush:

Calling ME insane is really funny…

You don’t even ACT like you’re sane or beeing adult…

The game will change and you behave like a small child at the grocery store that want a candy so badly that he throws itself on the floor crying.
The only difference is that you throw yourself on the floor because you don’t want anything to change a slight bit because of “tradition”.

It will not help.

Y’all supposed to ragequit i guess.

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Sol is the very definition of not sane:

I doubt you can get to that level without having some issues IRL. Much projecting here I bet.

Sure, Balos. *pats your head*

You’re a good boy … i mean a strong man.
We’re all afraid of you and look up to you!

Don’t forget to clean up your room, it’s monday. :slight_smile:

bye! :slight_smile:

As i said…no sanity at all in you…

You just proved it to the whole world.

Hahaha man, I really struck a nerve with you. :slight_smile:


This game does not belong to the “elite players”,it belongs ONLY to CCP/Pearl Abyss and they decide and they’ve already set the course to casual island and nothing you do or say will change this.

The PvP elite have largely already voted with their feet.

It’s still happening.

I’m enjoying a short stay in the game, but like my peers who used to love Eve… I can’t sustain it because there just isn’t enough activity anymore.

But CCP is still at the wheel and making decisions.

They made the greatest PvP game in history, and then nerfed it dull.

Perhaps they’ll sharpen it again one day. I’m still watching, like many.

What you call “less activity” other call “a better game”.

Less pvp is good for the game,pvp should,as in most of the other games,only be possible in low and null space,and therefore in seperated areas of the game,in those places enough “activity” is possible for that playstyle,the rest(and the majority) has to happen in high with no possible disturbance from this strange hobby.

Pure PVP is and was ever in every game a 25% minority and should be treated like one,but instead it was king of the mountain for the last decade and THIS is the main reason players leave,too much unregulated pvp is simply not good for a game that has to compete in todays market.

It’s about time that CCP finally realizes the simple fact that they kill their own game while keeping the “tradition”.

We used to serve that 25% of the gaming community that loves PvP.

That’s a lot of people. We just told people that didn’t like it to find a pve game.

This one was for pvp’ers.

That’s what it was like back then the game was growing.

And this is why the game has to change,

To keep what WAS is not the answer for a game that struggles in todays market.
The player loss is obviously not forced by less pvp,it’s forced by still too much of it.

The changes that were made simply don’t go far enough and were half baked,denying this does not help,because the last decade pvp was favored and STILL the player numbers went down,so it’s about time to try a 180° turnaround.

And for serious this time.

I think the struggle is because they nerfed the PvP out and all that’s left isn’t enough to be competitive.

It’s like an ice cream store that stops selling ice cream.

Too bad, because I really like ice cream.

Oh you’re so wrong,

But the real problem here is that you really seem to believe what is washed into your brain for years by the csm.
By a csm that just sees and promotes the needs of the big null sec alliances and sold it as the needs of “all players” which is wrong to the core.

Conviniendly those null sec alliances only vote themselves into csm so there never was an opposition to them…really conviniend …

So don’t believe what they said,open your eyes for the TRUE problems which are that this game needed a 180° turnaround to what the mmog market did years ago,LESS pvp not more and IF pvp then not everywhere but instead in seperated areas,seperated from the game and seperated from “normal” players which DON’T WANT to pvp as a majority.
Pure PVP was and ever will be a 25% minority but somehow this minority via csm has managed to look as “all of us”.

It’s a lie.

THIS is the truth,not what csm told you for years now…