Time to make a First Impression

Heyo! The name’s Light Motif…Or Cobalt. Cobalt is kinda what I like going by on the internet, but…eh. Had a dumb name idea and decided to stick with it.

I recently hopped started playing Eve Online (Just today, in fact.) after buying a copy of the Commissioned Officer’s Edition from a yard sale (It was used, so it didn’t work. Go figure.) And I’ve been having a blast. Haven’t seen much evidence to all the rumors of this game being ‘a wretched hive of scum, villany, and griefers’, and have been having a lot of fun. I even managed to finish an entire Career Agent line which…IDK, I take that as a victory, dangit. (Anyone else think that the Punisher looks like a Banshee from Halo? Just me? Huh.)

Figured I’d introduce myself, ask for any advice that you can give someone who literally only knows of this series because of Dust 514…And hopefully I can run into you guys in game…On friendly terms, hopefully.

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I have been here a tiny bit,still very green. Good Luck and happy hunting,

Keep on aRockin’,

Always remember that you can’t lose your ship. Anything you see on screen is property of CCP Games - not yours. The same is true for ships piloted by other players. Therefore no harm can be done by blowing them up.

However it is important to note that some people take internet spaceships serious and destroying their hard work might incur their wrath. This is mostly in the form of eve mail, convo or local chat detailing the exotic use or abuse of your family members or yourself.

Other than that don’t let fear mongering make you think less of EVE. Bad news sells and what 1% of the players base gets up to destroy unsuspecting people does not matter in the greater game. Most people just enjoy doing their thing and contributing to their personal/corp/alliance wealth in the game. Or just enjoy it for its social life, weird I know but sometimes it is just nice logging in to talk to EVE friends.

If you have question happy to assist in game. Just pop me mail. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’ll probably focus more on PVE and mining as opposed to blowing up some random player…Assuming I can find a mining laser. I think all my civilian things kinda poofed.


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