Tinker, Tailor, Dye

My friends within the Summit, allow me to take a moment to explain a notion that frequents the Intaki faith, Ida - The Way. We look to practice moderation in all things and embrace it as a lifestyle; a discipline. So too, do the followers of Ida look to change the world for the greater good. It was Vremaja Idama, who proclaimed The Oath of the Idama for the world to see:

“As long as space endures
As long as sentient beings exist
Until then, may I too remain
And dispel the miseries of the world.”

Thus, I make every attempt to follow in the footsteps of Vremaja, a person far greater than I. It was with a heavy conscience that I witnessed a particular misery that I could not allow to go on: I saw the rampant extortion of premium apparels in the Jita IV-4 Assembly Plant, with vendors offering them for exorbitant, rambunctious prices. Having personally seen the quality of the garments, and desiring the same economic prosperity and unfettered trade others would only claim to endorse, I could not allow them to be restricted to such an exclusive clientele.

Therein, I seek to extend a level of moderation of my own. I obtained a license for the apparel, personally, and partnered with non-Capsuleer artists formerly among the Aliastra corporation, as well as professionals from the Intaki Homeworld to create my own brand: Tinker, Tailor, Dye.

Thus, I offer to you the very same apparel that would normally be priced in Jita at a staggering cost of a half billion ISK for the modest sum of one-hundred fifty million (150,000,000.00) ISK per piece. Tinker, Tailor, Dye offers a wide variety of apparels that were previously exclusive to the opulent rich, now open to a more fiscally discerning market. Each garment is made to order, matching your clone’s specific build, and delivered directly to you (within reason) in adequate time to accommodate a formal appearance for any event you may be looking forward to, be it a bounty hunt or cocktail party.

Please forward any interest toward me directly via mail, and we will discuss your new, premium attire!


I write here to recommend Mr Nomistrav and his tailoring venture to anyone who might consider purchasing fine attire.

I required a new dress jacket as the Commissioner’s Parade is looming, and I had discovered that my old dress uniform had become mildewed after being poorly stored whilst I was away.

Mr Nomistrav was most professional, and his service was prompt and of excellent quality. The jacket is of fine materials and cut very well, with a perfect fit.

A fine in-vestment, so to speak.


Unfettered trade by at-loss price fixing, eh?

Sounds like something a government would do.

I hadn’t really looked into the apparel trade recently, but if your claims hold up, I’ll buy them myself and re-list them on the SCC markets for the previous price points and turn a stellar profit.

Bravo, sir.

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That would be a remarkable idea, Madam Hikare, if I had not already added you to the ‘do not sell’ list.

I am glad my not-so-subtle jab was noticed, though.

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