Watching streams I often catch myself on ignorance in terms of even basic knowledge. Couldn’t find existing one so I thought maybe a Tips&Tricks thread would prove to be usefull. Format similar to Little Things, range from basics to pro tips refering to each aspect of the game.


UI, Drone control

Drones can be launched from drone bay either by right clicking them on UI or simple dragging them from UI to space. They can be lauched and ordered as a grup or indyvidually. To easily control drones as a group create a folder in UI by selecting and right clicking drones then “Move Drone” and “New Group”. Assign shortcuts to “engage”, “orbit”, “return to drone bay” commands using Esc Menu, Shortcuts and Drones tab.


Game mechanics, Ship repair

Ships can be repaired by warping to and tethering to online structures like citadels, engineering complexes or refineries. Ship repair applies to shield, armor, hull and capacitor level. It also applies to drones and modules damaged by overheating.

Post only existing tips and tricks. Mistakes happen - in this case post with a quote and correction/explanation.

Lets see if it gets some traction.

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