TITAN Imperial Navy - Now Recruiting

ABOUT US: The TITAN Imperial Navy is a Faction Warfare and Abyssal Deadspace focused PVP and PVE Corporation. We are a member of the United Caldari Space Command (Faction Warfare Alliance). We do tend to focus on things such as F/W and A/D but will also occasionally branch out into ganking/ambushing, planetary industry and industrial research, exploration and mining. WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR STAFF MEMBERS TO GROW OUR COMMAND STRUCTURE

Here’s What We Offer:

  • :rocket: Frequent Fleet PVP, PVE and Mining fleets.
  • :man_teacher: New Player Training Courses for PVP, PVE, Industry, Mining, Exploration, PI, etc.
  • :play_or_pause_button: A friendly and active playerbase who will welcome you with open arms.
  • :military_helmet: A realistic, fully-functional and competitive rank structure and command hierarchy.
  • :shield: Massive fitting database containing some of the best fits in New Eden, carefully curated by our top developers.
  • :chart: A COMPLETELY FREE ship rental program on any subcapital ships (shuttles-battleships).
  • :clock3: Daytime Coverage with staff in the United States (GMT-5).
  • :statue_of_liberty: New Player Friendly! Join as a day one Alpha Clone or a ten year Omega Clone and everything in-between!
  • :handshake: Alliances with the United Caldari Space Command and the Official Caldari Militia.
  • :green_book: A COMPLETELY FREE Blueprint Borrowing Program for ship, module and munitions BPCs.
  • :gem: A Fully-furnished pro-grade Discord server with music and entertainment bots, organized categories and Capsuleer rank system.
  • :dna: Real-Life always comes first, we understand all of your obligations and activities.
  • :office: Multiple Corporation Offices Across New Eden
  • :jigsaw: Fully accessible skill training plans for new players
  • :dollar: Low Tax Rates
  • :crossed_swords: No War
  • :rescue_worker_helmet: Good Player Assistance and Newbro Support
  • :house: HUB located only SEVEN jumps away from Jita Trade Hub in high-sec, market-active system.

We do require activity and engagement from those who join us, and by activity we mean keeping the channels active and typing throughout the day on one thing or another. In-game, we expect you to volunteer to start group fleets and try to find things to do with other members. During the week, you aren’t expected to be active on EVE or Discord as much as we’d like you to Fridays-Sundays. Real life always comes first. Over the weekends, though, we are generally quite active and love sharing our time with our corpmates.


Visit Our Website or join our Discord Directly!

A little bit of lore for those of you who enjoy it:

From our Fleet Commander (Extended):
The TITAN Imperial Navy is an expansive fleet, loyal to Caldari, dedicated to building the most strong, intelligent and fearless Pilots of New Eden. Our goal is to create the most immersive and powerful Capsuleer Navy in our galaxy. We provide a purpose and a deeper meaning for those former workhorses in this ever-expanding realm of opportunity. We fight for what is right. We stand for freedom, stability and order. Unlike others, we strive for greatness, not wallow in failure, and I can support this point simply by looking across our border. Gallente is the prime example of a failing society. The learnings of the Academies encourage peace and tranquility in a place where idealism is simply a mere prospect and not a reality. Military regulation and control is the only way to peace and order. It is for this reason my men and I fight; to restore the order Caldari had once held in their very grasp, and tried to spread as we enlightened those who listened. The Gallente did not, and now look. They are in a losing fight of tug-of-war and their odds are growing ever-distant. With our proposed recruiting effort, our Fleet can become the mainstay of Caldari Warfare and together along with the state and its governing powers’ willing, we can finally restore peace and honor to the galaxy,” - Fleet Commander ShadowFox, YC-124 Caldari Defense Conference, Onnamon.

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