🇬🇧 Titan A.i look for PvPer and some job opening


Titan A.i is your ticket to the friendly. knowledge, and resources to start you on your path to becoming one of the best Pvp players in New Eden and a master of its battlefield

We are currently recruiting and actively searching for people willing to do PvP for our corp. Based out of the low/high sec system we have good alliances friendship with others in and around where we are base we are looking for PvP and indy pilot’s in both fields if you looking for pvp action the look no further!! I
if you looking to make some good isk in indy then look no further!!
Please NOTE that due to me Rebuilding the pvp in my corp things may be a little quiet

     **-= What We Offer =-**

  • US Timezone/ Uk Timezone
  • New Player Friendly
    Mite Accepting Alphas
  • ship replacement ( on most small ships in fleets)
  • Loyalty Points system with shop to buy from
  • large community
  • good mining and ratting
  • Discord
    Daily fleets , inter-corp ops, networking, business
  • Allied fleeting with a large alliances
    (AND MORE)

  **☆>> what we are looking for <<☆**

Super pilots
Cap pilots
Sub cap
And general pvper


Must have good fc skills in both big and small fleet
Pay 20mill pm

《Recruitment officer》
Must have good skills in pulling members in corp
Pay 15mil pm

  • If you have any questions look at are FAQ or join our ingame channel titan A.i pub
    Are join Discord

If you are interested in joining please send us an application! We would be happy to accept you!

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I am looking for a new home, I am a returning player, was playing back in 2006. Got 34mill skill points, looking for regular pvp/incursions, and a bit of indy. Tried to join your discord but the link has expired.


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Posted by EVE Online on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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me and my pal are part of a small corp at the moment just doing pi and mining in high sec… we both would love the the opportunity to learn pvp/ combat scanning and scouting. we both still want to keep the pi and mining going during downtime or quiet spells but mainly in it for the pvp. my toon is currently sat on 44mil sp and my buddy around 10mil with skills in scanning, mining,pve and pvp. were both very active playes away from work and online atleast 5-6hrs a day during the working week and online most weekends, we both use discord but more than whiling to jump to ts3 if needed.

any reply would be great here or in game

kind regards




I am realy interested in joining your Corp, I am a newby as you can see lol but realy what to be a part of a team that will help me grow as a player, i have the time and will to commit to this. I will be an active player in the community. look farward to hearing from you. game tag Bellack3

I am realy interested in joining your Corp, I am a newby as you can see lol but realy what to be a part of a team that will help me grow as a player, i have the time and will to commit to this. I will be an active player in the community. look farward to hearing from you. game tag Bellack3

I will ping you in-game. Many thanks for the interest!

Thanks for getting back to me , will be on in a while some admin to do first

Thanks again




Join up :slight_smile:




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