Titan Superweapons

  1. ‘Holy Destiny’ Electromagnetic Lance| | 700 mill isk
  2. ‘Iron Pike’ Kinetic Lance| | 640 mill isk
  3. ‘Judgment’ Electromagnetic Doomsday | 600 mill isk
  4. Bosonic Field Generator | 650 mill isk
  5. Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator | 1.3 Billion isk
  6. Raysere’s Modified Large EMP Smart Bomb 3.8 Billion ISK

Make an offer, buy more than 1 and I’ll give you a heavier discount.

Ladies, this is your chance. No taxes, no brokers fees. These prices wont last. Don’t wait until the next WWB, get ready now! Buy your Titan Super Weapon even if it means putting it in storage until you buy a Titan. I have a titan for sale if you need an Avatar for 105 Bill.

Zap your Enemy! Buy a Titan Superweapon Today!

Titan Super Weapons! Get while they hawt!

Sorry for late reply, if you’re still interested I’m logging in tonight and contracting to you for 24 hours.

CONTRACT UP 24 hours! Thank you. Once you accept I’ll leave a 5 Star Yelp Review. Have a good weekend!

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? You still interested in the Officer Smarty? Had it up for 3 days now, took the contract down.

Can ya contract me everything

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Sorry, haven’t been on. RL aggro. Are you still interested? I’ll contract it for 24 hours today. Also, it will be 2 different contracts from Amarr and Jita and from 2 different Characters. Stuff is spread out, thanks!

Both achura and crafty are all over forums making fake offer.

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ahh yeah, thank you! I’m in no rush. losers.

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