Titans and other monstrosities

Having played on and off for the last… lots and lots of years, I was openly wondering if there are still battles with the behemoths of the game duking it out, or what not. This is less of a strategy question than just a generic are there any great capital battles?

Since the manufacturing changes a bit ago where caps and supercaps require WH gas to produce,

the material price of those ships went waaay up.

So, the powers that be are trying to avoid putting them in a situation where they may get destroyed.

Outside of the large null-bloc safety net where the stupid large battles escalate into, Caps get a bit more regular use (obviously excluding NS botting/ratting with carriers…that is the #1 use of any cap for the last 10 years).
The Lancer Dread’s ability to set up a free kill on any cap (mainly freighters and jump freighters) that try to warp to and jump a gate gets a lot of use.

Not really. There are only two groups left now, pandafam and the imperium. They don’t want to take the risk of fighting each other, and they have no one else to fight. Pandafam has much rental lands at risk in 15 regions. imperium has their coffers to worry about.

the last titan brawl was M2- 3 years ago

but you also asked about whether there are great capital battles. There was a big dread brawl 3 months ago with more than 1T of dread losses between the Imperium and Pandafam

Thanks. I have just been watching Down the Rabbit Hole and (I haven’t finished yet) was wondering on the state of big battles. A couple years ago, I was in Nullsec for a stint and most of those fleet battles were great big balls of time delay and a Titan was used to bridge the fleet. It was still fun, like I said, just openly wondering. :slight_smile:

No horde shall launch till paperwork (in triplicate) signed off by Gobbins apparently.


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