TNOH Low/0.0 based Alliance 0.0 PvP

The Nightingales of Hades is an alliance based on making friends and having a good time. We are currently looking for New Corporation in all timezones to grow our alliance, although we are small we have many experienced pilots who like to have fun and enjoy the game. we have much to offer incoming corps new or old, all are welcome. join our chat room “TNOH Recruitment” or Contact Zana Widow or Kommandant Duke to learn more. We would be honored to have you.

The Nightingales of Hades

What We Require From You

★ Your Corp Members to be on our Voice server, as much as possible.
★ Dedication from your members, no one looking for a free ride and everyone willing to help out one another.
★ Self Sufficient pilots from your corporation.
★ A level of maturity, be Respectful to fellow members.
★ At least 1 doctrine fitted ship in our HQ at all times.

What We Can Offer You

★ Based In Low-sec Space.
★ Friendly and Experienced pilots willing to help new players learn to survive on their own.
★ PVP Ops, small gangs and Fleets in lowsec and 0.0
★ Industrial Mining and Fleet Missioning.
★ Orca Boosts
★ Alliance/corp mumble

Again if i can be of any help just convo me or join our channel “TNOH Recruitment”

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Recruitment is open.

have a nice weekend fly dangerous.
recruitment policy: open

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still recruiting

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