To end The War

Very good words.
Thank you, Citizen!


You mean over your crew. Your employees. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about: can you discipline other actual members of the milita? You’re a Commander. Can you discipline a lower-grade ‘officer’ who is not a baseliner in your direct employ, or no?


What province are you from on Achura




Every captain has authority over the crew, you fool. I was referencing to Protectorate soldiers who aren’t part of my crew.
As for general random capsule pilots like you, they are outside of chain of command, unless they pledge the loyalty. I am surprised you wasn’t instructed about this. Now, after learning this, stop wasting my time on your ignorance, the topic is not about that.

Maybe I should also give you keycard to my apartment where I hold operation plans?
You are not my buddy to ask questions like that, hnolku. Know your place.

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May I offer a retort?

(EDIT: Long time ago, there was video of a thirty second long fart here. Link no longer works.)


Normally I would respond to such at length. But is there really any point?

Ms. Kim is correct on one point. The war needs to end, one way or the other.


Doesn’t look like your compatriots agree with that, considering they are still trying to invade and occupy our lands.

No, I mean other State Protectorate capsuleers, just like you. If your rank doesn’t give you authority over them, it is meaningless.


Someone didn’t get their monthly dose of attention, huh. Wondered when she’s gonna come out of the woodwork.


Oh, so billions of normal people are “meaningless” for you?

Quite expected from a nullseccer, who’d lose connection to reality from almost epidemical CDS raging through these really meaningless to civilization regions.

You know what, goon? It’s you, who are meaningless. We are in billions, and you… you are just a couple hundreds of deluded insane and detached from reality pilots, flying around and shooting stuff to entertain yourselves. Even when your puny “Imperium” will fall to dust and speckles and even its name will be forgotten, the Caldari State will still live.

You are a blight, like a Sansha. I won’t feel sorry when I blow up another goon ship, knowing that crewmembers following such insane captains aren’t much better.

Maybe the State’s capsuleer forces are relatively small, but I’d like to remind you, that our command was planning redesigning normal (“baseline”, as you like to rant) ships to be on par with capsuleer variants. That’ll take you down a peg. You can field like a thousand of egger ships? Good. We’ll field millions and stomp you down.


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No, your rank is meaningless. Do try reading comprehension.


Start your own topic and rant there, I am sick of your flooding of media with irrelevant and in majority false remarks.

FIRST. This discussion wasn’t about my rank, if you still didn’t get it.

SECOND. My rank is not really your concern, it matters only for Caldari and military personnel, if you still didn’t get it somehow.

THIRD. Stop talking about things you fail to comprehend and lack any will to even try to comprehend.

Now, git.

Collectivist Caldari clap trap…


Better than egoistic and individualistic gallente garbage, that lives only for itself like a filthy leech. Ew.


Think I just might join you @Lasairiona_Raske on this.

I brought more snacks.



Kim? I think what Arrendis is getting at is that your rank isn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

It grants you no authority.

Indeed, you have no authority, save exactly the same authority every independent capsuleer and mercenary already has.

Pilots might respect your prattling about your rank a tad bit more if you spent time growing a corporation and becoming a power in your own right.


I sent some empty sacks and my best horticulturist. The rose garden is due a good feed and there’s going to be so much top quality bullshite here I thought I’d at least make good use of some.


I have more authority, than you could even dream of, little liar.

As for my rank - it is like that, given to me by the State and used inside the State by citizens of the State. Of course, for types like you it is meaningless. So why you make a circus out of that? It is CALDARI STATE rank and CALDARI STATE rank system. They called me Strike Commander, for me it means something. For Citizens it means something. For the Navy it means something. For you - it’s just words.

So, use these words and stop ranting about them… though, probably I ask too much from a deluded liar, who was even calling me a ‘madwoman’ and ‘provist’.

Or just ignore them if they scratch your itch so hard, but stop your rants. That you make clown out of yourself is not my business, but you are disturbing conversations.