To our fellows from the Federation: Tell us about yourselves

Keeping in spirit with the last couple of threads focused on those hailing from the Empire and the State, I would be most interested in hearing from our Federal representatives on this forum about themselves and also about the part of the Federation they came from. After all, the Federation encompasses a vast expanse of territory and a titanic population, and many different cultures and member states reside there!

Therefore, I feel as though we would be most intrigued to hear about aspects of your life and history in the Federation such as your member state, the culture of your member state, what you do personally for employment and recreation, and your own thoughts on the Federation itself. Of course, on a topic like this I may have left out subjects off the list that you, the responder, may find pertinent to include in your reply. So please don’t hesitate to include as much information as you are willing and comfortable to give, for the best way to break down barriers and encourage mutual respect between our nations is to acquire a greater understanding of our neighbours.


Intelligence Gathering: the Survey Method.


It is odd how curious everybody is these days, even suspiciously so. :wink:


It makes me happy to see, even if there are maybe some ulterior motives at work in some places. I’m not quite as free to just wander around as I was, but I still want to hear about such things.

It’s a really big star cluster, after all, and the Federation is more diverse than just about anywhere else, at least for now.

(Well … maybe other than Curse, but, that’s the scary kind of diverse: underworld inhabitants from everywhere.)


Well, it is not really ready for publication but seeing as the subject has come up here, I thought I would share a guide to our home planet that my brother Auriga is working on.

He will probably kill me now.

We are generally fairly reluctant members of the Federation. I would be pleased to hear from any others from central Placid who might share an interest in the Josmaert, Unour and Pegeler constellations.


Despite my Vherokior heritage I grew up in the Federation and I consider it my home. My clan were among the first to immigrate to the Federation and we have been living there ever since. I grew up among fellow clansmen and I have been heavily influenced by the culture of my clan. However after growing up I moved away to study and I started to get influenced by the mainstream Gallente cultures as well, and I discovered my love for learning about other people and their cultures. I have previously heard someone described the Federation as a big mixing pot for cultures and I must say it’s spot on. It’s probably one of the things I love the most about the Federation.

As a Capsuleer my alliegiance still lies at my clan and family. It has been my goal to strengthen my clan’s influence. Both politically and economically. I have found that it’s best done independently rather than under the banners of the Federation. And sometimes it requires making deals with businesspartners that agents of the Federation normally wouldn’t. However I wouldn’t work directly against the Federation as it still performs an important role for my clan and the many other people living in the Federation.

I am a believer of peace between the Federation and the State and I am willing to work together with people from the State who wish the same.


Well I was born on Gallente Prime in one of the colder regions where I did much of my combat training from when I was around 12 years old. I left the Federation after returning to it from being a Templar because I found it’s government betraying the ideals that I learned to appreciate so much and I hope for the Federation to return to those great ideals.


Despite my comment prior, I don’t really think that this is a method to spy on capsuleers. If anything, I’m sure Concord already has all the information they would need about each of us without resorting to a technique as a survey. I would have answered sooner, but I had to do some serious navel gazing after a comment I had made on the forums.

I grew up on Intaki VPrime in a fairly poor home in the city. Despite the level of poverty some of my happiest memories are there. From there my family moved to Gallente Prime while I was a teenager.

My parents have since retired and are living on Intaki VPrime again. While they appreciate the Federation for what it is they are both strong Intaki loyalists, practice The Ida and invite me to come visit them every week for a home cooked meal, tea and baklavabalushahi. Since I’ve become a capsuleer I regret that I haven’t had the time to do so, but am making some plans to visit my parents at this time of year.

The war between the Federation and the State has been a frustrating subject for many of my people. In general our relationship with the State has mostly been positive and our relationship with the Federation hasn’t always been so. I wonder if the Federation fears that if they give the Caldari their territories back then nations like Intaki will leave. My thinking on this is different , giving the Caldari their territories back would indeed lead to a shift in power amongst the remaining member nations of the Federation making the distribution more equitable and could potentially make the Federation stronger. With the current political climate on Gallente Prime this seems to be a long way off.

For entertainment I enjoy reading fiction, watching holovids, or chatting with friends (which I do have despite the insinuation of others) and family. I’m employed through my corporation as a recruiter and occasionally help protect my corp’s home system from hostile threats.


Interesting to find a topic that I can actually contribute to, don’t see much discussion of things other than the wars it seems.

I grew up in Ambeke IX, though we just called it 9, to tell it apart from 8, which was vastly more populus. A backwater to a backwater, but wonderful in its own ways. The nexus of Caldari products, Gallente integration & Minmatar immigration. I’ll skip the whole business about talking about my family, but I grew up fairly well off compared to those around me. Still, I saw a lot of poverty, not the unclean poverty of living on the streets that some might associate with the huge metropolises, but that of living as a subsistence farmer, grinding out the meagre margins on what seemed like enough food to feed the whole planet. It was absurd to see people working in these huge, huge farms that stretched until the haze from the horizon blended the yellow of wheat into the blue of sky, yet barely be able to afford anything but enough electricity, heat and water after all the expenses were paid. At least no-one ever went hungry.

I ended up joining the Navy fairly young. I watched a lot of trideo back then, and the idea of seeing the universe appealed to me just as much as all the starry-eyed tales of duty and honour that I think every young kid is at least tempted by.

I don’t think I moved more than 10 jumps out of my station.

Lot of long patrols, lot of time to think if that was what I wanted to do forever. In the end I decided I didn’t, and well, that all ended with me leaving them on less than amicable terms. I’m thankfully no longer wanted in my home region, but needless to say I don’t visit very often.

How I came to be in Providence is a longer, and windier story, but one that didn’t take place in any of the Empires.

Honestly, upon reflection I’m surprised I don’t have more to give. Being from a predominantly Jin-Mei family and living in such a tumultuous region, with a hundred other people of all races around me, you’d have thought I’d have experienced something unique to that, but everyone had known each other for so long that the culture had become utilitarian. Goes to show the melting pot that the Federation is, I suppose.


I like turtles.


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