To the Gallente

Do you think your nation fits the requirements of the three principles of the people

• nationalism

• democracy

• Social Wellbeing

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hell yeah it does

but like those three principles of the people right there, whos the people and who asked them what the principles were and did they actually all agree on that ■■■■ or did somebody else just decide they agreed on it

so im thinking this is some keskasay, manufactured consensus thing here

cause if you asked the people i know theyd say the three principles of the people are

  • wearing really fuckin espensive pants with .005 isk flippies
  • booze with juice
  • walking down the street and suddenly theres a fuckin nasty smell and you can’t tell where the ■■■■ it came from

in which case my nation’s got that ■■■■ covered

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What? A nasty smell? On the street?!
In the State that would mean someone’s about to be fired!..

… probably for letting a Minmatar trespass.

What I wouldn’t give for a proper block function on these boards…


You and me both. It has been so blissfully quiet.


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