To the SUN

So I wanted to get close to the sun, now you normally start very far away when you warp in, but I wanted to get closer.

so in a nutshell: I slaped a MDW on a dramial and set it to full speed towards the sun.

I’ve already made progress, as I am now much closer to the sun [I am now 371,000 KM away] I can now clarify: The sun IS a 3D model, and yes, it is stupidly far away.

This is a historic moment in New Eden history.

If you want to help with this please donate to me or my corp.

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  • take fast frig.
  • make bms around the sun by warping in then warping to destinations
  • warp from bm to bm, making other bms to get closer (name them 01, 02 … )
  • then use a slow warping ship to keep doing so
  • of course when you can go through the sun to reach a BM, do it
  • then use a freighter (if the warp is <1s you can’t place a new bm).

You should end up having a lot of BMs.
It becomes very tedious as you are into the sun, because the UI becomes very had to use (to bright)


Onboard ship AI is smarter than us capsuleers, it wont let us too close for ship to take damage and/or past gravity pull of sun - star…

Something like bumping prevents ship crashes…

Those were my 0.02 isk donation to your cause;)

Boo I seen a movie called Solar Flare(or something).

A super flare was building on the sun that would scorch the earth, so the most retarded scientist on earth said “Let take a crack team to the sun and set off a nuke INSIDE THE FLIPPING SUN(like that would bother a pimple on the sun) to trigger the flare early to miss the earth!” And how he wasn’t laugh out of the planning room, I DONT KNOW!

Well by the end, the whole thing is sabotaged, people are dead, and the hero had to pull a Bruce Willis in Armageddon to save the earth, and fly the nuke TO THE SUN(like they could miss it)…

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Pretty sure you’re talking about Sunshine, and the plot was actually worse than that. The problem wasn’t a solar flare, rather, the sun was burning out because ~reasons~ and they were using the nuke to juice 'er back up.

Decent soundtrack, though.

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Hmm… solar fusion mixed with nuclear fission. They’re opposites, so they must do interesting things when they mix.

(/sarcasm, I sure as shit don’t want to be known for thinking this to be true).

I would literally have nightmares after watching that. A horde of stupid people trying to convince me that nukes can magically “restart” a sun or stop a hurricane, while making sure I don’t get vaccinated and offering me tidepod appetizers while they prove to me that the Earth is flat.

So this thread is delightfully stupid, so I can’t help but chime in. :wink:

I used to have a bookmark at the very core of the Arnon sun. The warp in point at the time was directly opposite a celestial. It was super easy to drop a bookmark.

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No it was a movie that aired on the sci-fi channel right at the end of the nineties.

I just waisted 30 mins to see if it would come up on IMDB…

It’s a gift I can share with the world.

Well now I’m curious.


Jack Palance…

Maybe I’ll give it a try.

–Gadget will need :sunglasses:

What you’re doing is commendable but ultimately it’s a waste of time.

Now if you’re looking to make some safe spots, I suggest after warping to the Sun, position your ship to go straight up or down and let it travel in that direction for a while and then bookmark the spots. They also make great scanning spots for exploration too, especially if you have a cloak.

Speaking of exploration, click on the sun right after jumping into a system, select warp to 0 and immediately launch probes, then while in warp activate Covert Ops cloak. After exiting warp at the Sun, position your ship and start traveling as I mentioned before. That allows you to scan for exploration sites without having your cloak disrupted if somebody else by chance happens to warp there as well.

I have a spot inside the sun model in jita. Burned into the sun for about 9 hours going 7k a second to get there.


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