Too early to call it - invasions is a dog?

In the last couple years i have heard this too many times.

Yet for some reason those who have vacations in Summer do not return back and instead leave for Schools/Universities in Fall and then straight into Holidays on Christmas/Helloween/whateveritcalled and then back to Schools/Universities.

Since long ago PCU does not follow seasonal changes and only is decreasing slowly but constantly.

If it was up to me? I would roll back everything that ccp has done since 2010. I would take the good with the bad — the more ccp has changed the game the worse it has gotten. No one change has been a death blow but it been a lot of little terrible cuts. Eve classic server ftw.

For me in this update the worst thing is the neutral logi changes. I haven’t pvp’d in high sec for probably five years, but it was where I started. The thing about highsec pvp is that it’s hard to get targets. Nobody wants to fight an opponent they expect to lose to. Consequently you have to use psychology , you have to appear weaker then you are to get people to engage. The neut logi changes mean that you have to show up with what you more or less intend to use, which means that there are going to be less fights in highsec, because people are going to look at fleet comps and just not engage. Moreover, suspect baiting, can flipping etc were all essentially consensual forms of PVP, you had to effectively volunteer to be part of it. Why eliminate them? So now highsec is more or less a complete safe zone. There is still ganking but that is rare as it relates to the average player on any given day. And as for war decs you can completely avoid them.

Highsec pvp was A unique form of pvp. It was exclusively sub cap, and more often then not small gang. I can’t understand why ccp feels the need to choke it off. The loss of small gang sub cap fights is something that is repeatedly mentioned as being a driver for folk leaving the game - hell jester made it part of this swan song reddit post (although he was talking more about sub cap fights in null which given the proliferation of capitals and isk I don’t now how you can bring them back).


Well, yea fleet structure combat is a cluster ■■■■ right now. I never thought I would wish for pos to be brought back.

As for invasions not being “bad” well I don’t think that they are “bad” I just think That a sizable part of Eve’s population finds them not interesting. Since there are no suspect timers generated by stealing loot there is no encouragement for pvp. Hell since the logi changes how would a suspect baiter get a decent fight anyway? If pve is your thing then great, but I think many folk are just finding it meh.

For me what was disappointing about this update is all the anti-pvp changes that came with it.

I have been playing for 10 years and personally I am having a real hard time to log in. It’s not burn out. The game has just become boring. Too much isk, and no consequences for your actions. Right now I just occasionally log in, check my orders, look to see if there are any targets and log out because nothing is happening. Then I go play battle brothers.

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It is to late to call it only a failure.

logi i think can be used but not on wartargets, ive not tried it though as im not heavy into dual boxing.

Yea they always blame the summer or it’s vacation time. Also it’s an old game is another one. These are just ways of excusing bad development.

Nah they killed it for anyone with a limited engagement which means no more suspect baiting.

well ive been playing 12 year, it is a bloody long time.

Well apparently u don’t get what concurrent online users means. Sure there are free accounts. But if they are not logged in then they are not engaged in micro transactions. And sure there are wars going, but there are always wars going on. Obviously I don’t have access to CCP’s finances. But It seems pretty obvious that when you put out new content and immediately a large group of your players log out you have a problem as a company. And for what I think is wrong - I think I made it pretty clear that it’s ccp’s focus on pve and it’s decision to make Eve softer that is driving folk away.

That bump matches the time of the login rewards.

I’m one of them. I will not renew my sub. I was subbed for 10 years without a break. Their decisions where questionable for the last 3 years and the recent wardec changes where the last straw for me.

It hurts to see this game fail, but it’s not like they listen.

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Can you give some details? Or is it OPSEC?

I know you (and the rest of us) did. It wasn’t meant as a sole reason for it. You and many of us know exactly why the numbers are declining and we said so many times.

“Lets put gate camping rats into highsec that make players pay attention”
“CCP are making the game safer!!!”

Um, wtf?


To be fair, no one has cherry picked like that Nevyn and the rats don’t point/scram. They do web though, so that’s been good moving through some of the systems in a DST.

You can get anchoring on the gates also, so you can be scrammed on gate, it’s just nowhere near as common.

Ok. I must have been lucky so far.

This update continues ccp’s push to nerf highsec pvp. By nerfing pvp ccp has Definitely Made the games softer. The addition of the invasion rats doesn’t do much to change that since they are easy to avoid. Besides the danger in eve is supposed to come from the players not the npc.

dude, you get a warning before you jump or undock into invasion area… or did you miss that?

Often disgree with you Kez, but holy ■■■■ +1!

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He talks about player interaction and not some stupid NPCs. But I think you knew that right`?