Too many log in attempts wait to retry?

So I forgot my password, fail a few times, go to reset it and now im not allowed to log in to ANY account from your client for an indeterminate amount of time, I was already on the fence whether or not to even reactivate/bother coming back. This is just BAD client design, if your trying to bring back players do not lock them out of the possibility of playing for forgetting their passwords.

If you’re counting on CCP to help you then you’re dreaming.

It’s been 4 days since my account was hacked and apart from a message 3 days ago I have no news.

It seems normal that it is normal to have no French GM in a game that has a French version.

They are lamentable.

Account lockout after several failed login attempts is a standard security procedure to make it more difficult for criminals to hack your account. If you’ve forgotten your password follow the account recovery process.

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@Tetrakus Krividus

Would you kindly STFU and wait for the GM’s to do their job and look into it. Thx.

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You have to put the space as an underscore to link a 2 word name. I would be [at]Keno_Skir

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I feel like this thread isn’t a good choice for tagging the whole forum staff to give a sufficient amount of examples, but one day… one day i will…

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