Too Much Info.. Too Little Mystery

In your obsession to be loved you’ve suddenly decided to change everything, adding tools, removing risk, and subtracting complication and mystery from the game. I promise you this: it will not help the game. Much of what attracted me to the game in the first place was the complicated nature of the game, collecting information from different sources to try to gaiin an upper hand over players who were too lazy to do the work. Making all information easy takes that uniqueness away from the game, making it more like other failed game. It is quite possible that you are overworking the game and over thinking the reason people like the game. You can argue that the quirky nature of the game was due to a lack of planning on the original devs parts and that they might have made the game different if they could have seen the future… but whether is was a happy accident or sly intellectual plotting the games complicated and almost cumbersome nature was it’s biggest sales point. Am I beating you up with this? a little. I’m disappointed in some of the new direction… is it because I hate the game or the devs? absolutely not. I love this game and have for the almost 16 years I’ve been playing. I want it to succeed… I wish a lot of new player would be interested and join… but not at the expense of the loyal players. The mistake that some very large gaming concerns have made in the past is thinking that new blood in the game could over come the loss of the loyal player base through shear numbers. This turned out to be false. New players leave games in high numbers. This is normal and you must accept it. Changing the game to retain players are are less invested in a zero sum game. I beg you please try to understand why something is good in the game before you change it and break it. I feel you are already on the path to breaking many things. Thanks for listening.


Asolutely agree^^


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indeed, i saw many Many other MMOs going down because of that same „tactic“, changing everything in the game only for making it easier to new players…
… very sad to see EvE taking the same path. :unamused:

@CCP: Hello…?! is anyone listening?!!


if you love complicated in depth games check out the X series of games right now I’m hooked on X3 have to say love the way I can have a fleet of minions doing my bidding

Too many letters… too little paragraphs.


hey man I see on other posts my phantom flagger has take a liking to your posts lol

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Sorry, but this is utter nonsense. The difficulty that makes EVE compelling is the fact that you are competing against thousands of other players, many of them powerful and ruthless and determined to oppose everything you do, in a single universe where everything you do matters. Starting a corp is supposed to be difficult because other players are trying to infiltrate it and steal your stuff, declare war on you and wreck everything you build, etc. It is NOT supposed to be difficult because you have to dig through 10 pages of search results to find some obscure third-party site that has a tutorial on how to find the button.

Nah, that’s just on the forums. It’s all rainbows and sunshine in game.

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