Top loot / big isk content in game about which they are silent

Citadels in Hi-sec propably best and easy isk in game (but some ppl didnt know, can you guess why). This has been going on for a very long time and some people have accumulated trillions . When the citadels are abandoned, everything that was inside appears inside the containers. Many do not understand that the isk are just so close to them and no one will tell them. We will try to fix the situation. You can join in-game chanel to see some timers - Abandon citadels open. For more timers you need alt for it and you can put ammo inside the citadel. When there is little fuel left in the citadel, you will receive in-game mail. There will be a date and time in the letter, just add 3 days and it should be abandoned at this time (but not always). In hi-sec you need to have your HQ to bring wardec or wait when others go to kill it. Maybe BF can give you chance to bring wardecs (propably not) but better to call CSM to change this mechanics, everything is in your hands and you can change it if you want. Top loot in hi-sec cuz to much citadels here. You can see 10-30, 50,100 or more billions isk sometimes if you lucky. Easy to have 100+ bil in month just loot the containers. Old open citadels with big alliances owners and close to tradehubs + with offices inside thats propably good. You can find small youtube videos how to loot (not perfect no time for it).

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your complaining about abandoned stations but you have been doing it for years part of nonni and capstext did you lose one to them while you left them ?

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