Top ores

Hey, I’m just looking to get some quick money to get fittings. What is currently the best ores in each sec.

All Values actual ISK/M3 10 Day Jita

Merx is missing b/c of its weird mining properties not make it comparable.

Travel to your local 0.5 systems and fly around the refineries. That is your best bet to quickly find things worth mining. Then use the table @CowRocket_Void provided to make your choices.

As rules of thumb, you are looking for gneiss, arkonor and spodumain in high sec moon belts. In low sec it will take you longer to fly around the moons, you will have no idea which refineries are active, or what they are mining. True, there is good money to be made ninja mining, but it takes time to suss it out eg which of the systems also have public docking that you can store in etc. (And noting that the real top end such as shining xenotime are jackpot ores, so like maybe 1/10 chance? Less?)

Bottom line, if you want quick isk? Find someplace where you are 5/6 jumps from maybe each of 2/3/4 0.5 systems and just flit between them.

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