Top worst game as of today

As of today I myself am ranking EVE as the worst game online ever do to there total incompetency in maintain. and fixing the game problems. If you can’t get it together then reach to someone in say Microsoft or even Blizzard for help; but above all get it done. The level of player issues right now are of such you could find yourselves out of business homeless and starving. So put on your big boy pant and fix it. I really like the game if it would just run right after all this has been going on for a week now. REALLY!!! I hope this offenses you cause if it does then the LORD say’s you’ll fix it if however you take offense then you will crass and burn your choice make it now.


lol, if you think this is bad, I guess you haven’t been around the gaming industry long :smiley:

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you have no clue then blizz goes down every patch and expansion are just a huge shitshow seen wow down for weeks with issues they never fix there stuff they break the game every other day and yes I would know played it for 15 years so give the eve guys a break there not perfect but they did just get ddos lol so unless you can stop that mabe take a pill and chill go out side get some fresh air

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Dude, Apple that owns its hardware and software has problems that cannot be solved, imagine a developer of a game that runs on a single server with thousands of customers hanging. Do you really like the game? Enter the support, pass as much information as you can about the problems, your machine settings, connection, etc. and hate the guys working on it. It takes time bro. But if the players help, the guys can solve it.
Translated by Goolge.

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Please see this thread for up to date information regarding TQ connectivity.