When the only respons is "its hard"

i started playing this game at the beginning of the week, and enjoyed the first two days. but im 4 days in now with constant issues connecting, lagging, and now 3 days straight with no chat. pretty essential for a new player… 1st impressions, you know what they say. i have looked all over for some sort of answer to what the problem is and whats being done or what to expect. all i get is hey we got DDoS’d (not your first time, nor are you alone) and keep clicking retry… along with a bunch of folks going " it takes time people its a really hard job". im not a programmer, or claim to know their job… but ive been playing games 25+ years and rarely do you come across a game where a simple google search leads you to a abundance of article explaining why the game is so poorly managed and bad. frankly i want to play still because i like the concept. but if i were a dev just in the interest of running a successful game i would offer more info to players aside from yeah we are getting jacked up over here and sorry its a hard job. never a good approach to any industry and usually why you will never exceed where you seem to have peaked several years ago.

I’d ask for your stuff, but i doubt you’ve got any yet…

the game would have to let me play to get some first sorry

but once im done skimming steam for something else to burn free time with, youre welcome to the 12 or 13 ships i have and modules and ■■■■, ones a thrasher which i assume isnt the worst thing i can have, once again hard to know when you cant play

Then perhaps you should stop posting.

Why? his opinion is just as valid, maybe even more so than the people who are used to the why EvE is and the way CCP are.

Nope. If you do not understand the technical issues involved in DDoS attacks then you are not qualified to comment on whether or not CCP’s response is adequate.


No, but 1st impressions are valid. I dont know the technical issues involved either, I dont voice them here ill admit but that doesnt mean it isnt frustrating.

Ok, sure, it’s frustrating. But sometimes things are frustrating and “it’s hard, sorry” is the only answer you can expect. What do you want CCP to do, tell you some comfortable lies about how everything will magically be better?

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Maybe because other games don’t last long enough for a list of posts to build up like with EVE.

Any game that lasts 18 years this March has to have been doing something right. Many people complain, not because they dislike the game, but because they like it so much.

I am an application architect, and I have designed and built multi-region systems larger than Eve’s. (Several million active connection.) I understand the technical difficulty of responding to a DDOS attack. But when any large system goes down for a significant length of time, you owe your customers some communication regardless of the reason. Take a look at Slack, AWS, Netflix, etc – all of them provide ongoing detailed communications whenever there is an outage. The comms from CCP have been insultingly empty and sparse, and their “status” page happily reports that everything’s great when nobody can log in. This is nothing shy of amateurish and disrespectful.

I am cancelling my Omega renewals whenever I can log in next, and no, you can’t have my stuff.

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lol the point of my post and frustration is the complete lack of communication, im not a programmer, and im not commenting on programming, im commenting on poor business ethics, which i know PLENTY about as a business owner. if a massive percentage of my customers all of a sudden had a huge dropoff in results or services, i couldnt get away with just oh well its just hard sorry i dont owe you any explanation or even a rough estimate on when your service will be restored to what you expected. this probably has alot to do with why the eve active player average is microscopic compared to many mmos. its a complex enough game as it is for someone to get into, then add in a lack of give a damn from the company and youre going to run your companies retention rate into the ground. i dont care how long eve has been around, it has a massive problem with retaining or growing its customer base. and the reason other games arent around isnt because they arent or werent good games, its because as technology grows and companies seek profit and other projects they let them go. the fact these devs dont have a bigger project to put out and they cant seem to find a way out of stagnation is exactly because of the way they handled this DDoS situation and from what ive read alot of other situations as well

hard to argue that he is wrong

points at multiple threads in general discussion with updates… Uh what? It’s like they posted it where people could read or something.

The eve status twitter (twitter.com/eve_status) provides a non-CCP infrastructure location to get updates and the last post there points directly to the megathread here, that has had daily updates since it was posted:

The launcher has a link directly to the same thread and the support site also links directly that that thread.

like spelling?

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It’s not ideal and I sympathise as the new player experience is not great anyway. CCPs communication is not the best but also they have to be wary of publishing details. So I would say please practice a little patience as the situation will right itself eventually and it will be worth the wait. I originally installed Eve just to have look as my PC couldn’t handle Elite Dangerous and I’m still here 3 years later, how many games can engage a player like that?

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