Worst game ever still

First let me say were one of the original Founding Fathers of Earth & Beyond, Wolds of Warcraft and a few other’s. We’ve played WOW From the begging When it was only PC and we still play today. Shure we started playing EVE the Friday before last weekend and love it. we see a lot of E & B in this game and see it’s potential: but since Monday before Last it all went to crap. For every hour of game play when we can get it we spend three hour’s trying to get in and staying in has been a crap shoot. Constant disconnect, lag’s, and lockouts or lose of all controls costing me around ten ship’s. Warping to asteroid fields and no asteroids. Submitting tickets LOL the system won’t let me. As for there messages about network errors on are end is a straight load of passing the buck, and downplaying the problems just like Nord did last year when they lied about how long there system was exposed, not to mention we’ve talked with are Network provider and they’ve checked and re check for me it’s all on EVE’s end. If it were my network provider I couldn’t play any of my other games with mutable chair’s running at the same time! It’s clear they EVE 's lost it’s way we hope they get it together really, and as of WOW we can’t ever recall them ever being down for more than 1-2 hour’s a week for serves but not ever the level of problem were seeing on EVE don’t take everything they tell you as the gospel some time you have smell what there shoveling and call ■■■■■■■■. The more player’s that start calling them out the more likely they’ll get it in gear. Really got nothing but love for ya all my hope is everybody just calls them out. Peace out and enjoy the game when it lets you actually

Honestly, like you didnt know that the last week CCP has been under a sustained DDOS attack? And that you been playing WOW is not something to be proud of.



Whoever you are, you’re not even able to properly write whatever it is that you’re trying to say, which I couldn’t be bothered to read past the sentence I quoted because your post is unreadable…

So please keep posting about how important you are and how much we should care what your opinion about anything is…


It’s the royal “we” that gets me…

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Maybe this is Harry’s new gig?

I stopped reading after I saw you worship WoW and how proud you were to have to been a part of it since… someone had to beg you to play it? lmao “We’ve played WOW From the begging”

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