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So I set the UI scale to 150% because I got tired of misclicking in the Overview. The lines are too small at 100% and since things move around so much in that window it’s easy to accidentally click on the wrong stuff.
With Automatic Look At it helps a bit as it shows me my next jumpgate in space automatically so I don’t have to click in the Overview but for the rest it’s almost like a game of Whack a Mole.

But at 150% it’s not only the windows contents that are big, it’s everything else. My whatchamightcallit that shows my ships health is way too big now, although I like the 150% scale for the Overview.

Am I stuck with small fonts? :confused: Or is there a way to scale the windows contents without the whole screen going Help for the Blind on me?

Thank you for your replies.

PS: I love this game but it’s definitely not user-friendly.

PPS: Maybe I’ll have to make the UI disappear and reappear only when I need to click or read something, that way I can leave it at 150%. I already changed to shortcut to a one-button scheme so maybe that’s the way to go.

Depending on which column the overview tab is sorted by the items in the overview can jump around a bit. If you want to avoid it doing so too much, you can sort it by icon, also there is an overview setting that automatically puts the next Jump Gate in you planned route to the top of your overview regardless of how it is sorted.

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Thank you for your reply!

Ok, I will figure out how in the Overview settings.

That’s interesting, although I don’t really need that since Auto Look focuses the camera to the next jumpgate in the Route for me.

All good stuff, I appreciate your contribution!
Thank you.

I agree. I started last year just before they gave us this “new and improved” GUI. How sad is that? Players were upset and rightfully so. This game is 99.9% about the UI and the 3D is just eye candy. This UI lacks in numerous areas, most of these issues stem from the poor ascetic quality and design. I am not saying it is all bad. They would have been better off allowing the users freedom to make s custom UI or they could have held a design contest where the players designed a UI. The lack of any color controls, trying to find the window hotspots, and reading micro fonts, is always incredibly difficult. The game designers seem to think what suits them, is best for all. You can read more about the Photon UI development phase here.

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