Trade Agreement between New Bank of New Eden and Ag3nt Jita

This is public notification of a new trade agreement between the New Bank of New Eden, and Ag3nt Jita.

The following terms will be met:

BankMcBanks on Behalf of New Bank of New Eden will enter a trading profit-sharing agreement with Ag3nt Jita with the following terms:

  1. Trading profit weekly will be split between Ag3nt Jita and the New Bank of New Eden in the ratio of their trading capital.

For example, Ag3nt Jita has 3Billion in trading capital, New Bank of New Eden offers 0.5Billion capital.

The profit is split weekly in the ratio of 7:1 Agent Jita retains 6/7 of the profits and New Bank of New Eden receives the remaining 1/7.

  1. If later, additional isk is given into the trading pot, the ratio will be adjusted depending on the trading pots of both parties.

If parity is reached (e.g. Ag3nt Jita has 5B trading capital and New Bank of New Eden invests 5B) - then the ratio would be 50/50.

  1. Weekly isk transfers will be publicised on the MD forum under this thread.

  2. 500M will be sent as starting capital for this agreement.

  3. If the agreement is terminated (notice of 1 week in advance will be given) then the money invested will be returned to the New Bank of New Eden.

I agree with the above terms.

500M sent

Thanks :slight_smile: May our trading agreement boost bank profits :smiley:

First payout - isk received. 284M for 9 days trading. Next one in a weeks time (friday):

It seems that the agreement has been unilaterally cancelled, even though 1 weeks notice was requested in the conditions above.

500M has been received. Agreement has ended.

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