Trading and hauling advice needed

I want to find trade routes and trade from hub to hub. Besides accounting, what skills would I train towards?
I plan to do hauling so wasn’t sure if this is considered station trading. Appreciate any tips or advice!
Thank You!

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With hauling you’ll want to train up skills and modules that help you align faster, and go for ships that have higher FTL speeds as you won’t spend much time at all sunlight (unless you autopilot…very controversial, but you CAN autopilot).

If you’re looking for consistent trade routes, you probably won’t have to do much remote market orders, but those routes take time to find and develop.

I would recommend the skill that allows you to sell items remotely (Marketing, I think?) and always work to have more market orders available. I’ve found it useful to have several buy orders setup and remote sell them when the price is right. Then you don’t have to travel all the way to the item, only touch the region and sell from your assets tab.

Not a game mechanic skill, but I’d also highly recommend studying options for the asset window filter.

Depending on what you plan to haul, you’ll want to train towards freighters and/or blockade runners.

Personally, I’ve found freighters to be less than useful as a solo trader as you put a lot of rISK on grid without much of a good ROI. Blockade runners (and attendant cloaking skills) are great because you can do very well running a few high-value assets around with much less rISK on grid. With the cloak-burn-warp trick, I’ve NEVER been snagged.

Now that I say that, of course, I’ll probably get prodded next time I do a blueprint run, lol.

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station trading is when you just stay in one station and buy and sell.

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Some resources that might be useful:

Should get you some basic information on ship choices for hauling. Hauling tips and tricks itself. While other guide is heavily focused on station trading it will also explain and teach you how read information in market window and some other, market related tips and tricks.

With this you should have at lest some starting point in deciding where you want to go in your trading journey and/or help with making more detailed questions

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Thanks for the advice! Which ships have the good align times?

Wow thank you so much! A lot to research

That honestly depends on what you’re planning to move. It is a trade off between cargo capacity and align/warp speed…and cost…for example cargo expanders or nano-fiber hull modules.

If you’re doing something with a specialty hold, like minerals, you’re choices are pretty limited (miasmos is, I believe, only ship with a mineral hold, for example).

General cargo you have more options, but play with the fitting simulator and keep in mind that align times round up to the nearest whole second. So, if you can fit a ship with a 4.5s align time, and another module can get you to 4.2s…it doesn’t help because both fits will take 5s.

I use the Tayra (spelling?) because it is a cheap hull and I don’t run specialty cargo that I would regret losing one in ten runs. I fit for ~30km3 cargo space.

When I have more valuable cargo I use the Prator…blockade runner. I don’t remember why I chose that one…maybe just because that was the racial skills I had at the time.

I trained into a blockade runner Viator. I like the fact that I can cloak up and/or use nullifier for quick detour thru low if need be.

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