Tranquility DDoS - 2020/05/03-08

all 7 of my omega accounts DCed. second night in a row. CCP needs to get a hit squad for DDOS attackers…


DDOS has been around for a while…

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Nah it’s more than that, their stability overall is a problem.

Connection issues have been around since the internet was created, and are never going away. Best get used to it.


Lost a ship due to connection problems and can’t even log in to support to report it and get my ship and, more importantly, it’s cargo, back.

Sure…if you say so…

Give it time…

@ Uriel the Flame wasn’t there a vod some years ago where it said that the trick of winning a battle is to force the other player off line and not to be able re-log?
Something like that in the review of the 6VDT-H ?

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The Abyssal deaths were coming in to Zkill almost faster than it could list them, lol…

Yup got disconnected while being attacked on a site :frowning: was able to reconnect and after the ship jump to site I got disconnected again :expressionless:

Also had issue getting to connect to the forum.

When they do catch the person(s) responsible, the Eve community will be the one laughing. Probably some idiot like this:

Frustrating to the say the least. I’ve lost two Gila’s today due to these issues. It has got way worse within the past 10-15 minutes. It will likely take a week or more to get the ship reimbursed. Oh well I guess.

Had some problems connecting, now able to connect but chat is not working. Everything else seems to be working mostly fine while docked, not sure about undocked although there is lag.

Managed to log in. Undocked, and was kicked 2 seconds after undocking…

No chat / any channels. Sigh.


All chat channels our down as well after relog so there is more going on still.

Hi everyone. Can confirm this was a DDoS. We’re working on resolving it with out partners and restoring service. Please continue to leave your feedback about what you’re experiencing here. It is helpful to us.


I’m sure it would help CCP if everyone would just not log in for the next hour or so until they get the issue resolved…

Managed to log in after dc, but laggy
once in, it stayed stable for long enough to dock.
No chat channels worked, even corp chan empty. Forums gave an error message