Tranquility fail. singularity ok

2018-04-23T22:08:48.756Z web debug info: Encountered an error while loading the SSO: Cannot read property ‘location’ of null 1
2018-04-23T22:08:49.457Z web debug info: Could not finish login of user with code: Cannot read property ‘tq’ of undefined 1

please help

Having a similar issue, with the exact same .js file.

info: Encountered error while fetching hash file content: Network Error 1

Tried reinstalling, but didn’t solve the issue. Launcher just sits there, game fails to ever launch. Eventually it just times out and pops up the login prompt again.

i resolve this problem
deleting QtWebEngine, cach, c_кэш_sharedcache_tq_tranquility in appdata\local\ccp\eve\

@Sammy_Ora Thank you so much, this fixed my problem.


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