Tricky situation for my Rattlesnake

I go battleship with lv3 or higher mission.
However, I meet the problem with Rattlesnake itself.
If I fit only cruise missiles, it really struggles to hit small frigates.
If I fit only Rapid Heavy missiles, it really struggles with dealing damge to battleship kinds and 40km max range for my skill.

About drones?
Rattlesnake only gives heavy drone synergy, and can only operate 2 heavy drones.
Which means if I have to deal with frigates, I should recall all my heavy drones and put small drones out again.

Any suggestions for this tricky situation?

Have you tried using a grappler?

Nope. Then I will try to fit with cruise missile with heavy drones and grappler

Go see PvE forum. A lot of good Rattlesnake fits there and explanations. No need to post them here.

Your skills are too low. With only fury cruise missiles and warden IIs you should be doing around 1300-1400 DPS at long range. MJD + MWD and pop all small targets, come a little closer, switch to higher DPS drones, pop big targets.

Also you have DPS application issues, you need some Rigor Rigs, or Missile Guidance Computers or any combination of. You also need to switch ammo. High DPS, high precision. Everything is all posted on the PvE sub forum, just read it.

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hey @Chunsha_Lavril

why you use a Rattle?
i would use a Dominix or Dominix Navy with drones only
jum in … deploy MTU … MJD 100km off … deploy sentrys … kill all … maybe use MJD again if needed … later jump back to the MTU … collect your stuff … next room/next mission …

useing missiles as getting expensive at some point … i tryed that too with a rattle and a raven navy but if you count all in its a expensive way … even if you are able to do it with T1 missiles and you build yourself …


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I agree, I run Lvl 4’s very succesfully with just such a fit, using Sentry drones. The thing to remember about sentries is that they don’t move so, provided you don’t move your ship once you’ve deployed them, it’s very quick to haul them in and drop light scouts instead to deal with anything (frigates, spider drones) that’s too fast to kill on its way to you. Then re-deploy the sentries to deal with the slower-moving stuff. If multiple battleships are getting too close, pull in your sentries and mjd away, then redeploy the sentries and carry on as before. I use a similar tactic with Lvl 3’s, but with a VNI @ 70kms rather than the Dominix @ 150km.

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It still is possible to deploy a full set of light (or even medium) drones, some Hobgob II will kill most of the frigs, and if you do some microing, they even survive :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rattlesnake is the wrong ship for level 3 missions - you can probably get away with it if you’re using MJD since the rats burn directly toward you with no transversal and even frigates are easy to hit.

At closer range, you’re much better off with a Gila. Let your drones do the heavy lifting. Fit your choice of heavy assault or rapid light - the Rapid lights will shred frigates but take a (subjective) eternity to reload. Keep moving at high speed to make your ship hard to hit.

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