Tridane - Hyper focused <10 / Solo PVP player looking for something new


I have been an avid EVE Online player on and off since 2004 and my focus has always been on small scale/solo PvP. I was fortunate enough to be a part of one of the first corps in EVE that was renowned for our speed “Kitting” or “nanoing” as it was called back in the day, and I have remained true to this playstyle ever since. I have a passion for pushing the meta and flying ships that defy conventional expectations. I love nothing more than catching people off guard and coming up with a cunning solution too a problem.

In terms of my playstyle, I’m recognized for having an aggressive approach, creating content, and being an enjoyable pilot to fly with. I feel most at home in a group that shares my passion for solo <10 game play or fleets with no more than 50 pilots. I am open to all offers, be it wormhole, low-sec or null-sec, as long as there’s an environment that promotes exciting PvP gameplay.

If my style resonates with your group, I would be thrilled to have a chat.

zkillboard link

you are welcome with us
come join us :grinning:

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