Trig NPCs by Planet?

I know Trig NPCs spawn in their region and in minor victory systems. Do they just lurk around random planets? I thought they only stuck around the gates, stations, and sites outside Pochven, they shouldn’t be around planets.

generally planets (also the sun), custom offices, stations and asteroid belts.

similar rules as pochven. Planets are fair game.

I thought their spawn rules were

In Pochven, anywhere

In trig victory systems, gates, whs, stations, belts

In places with a trig wh, around wh only. Gates and planets should be safe.

Obviously I’m wrong on that.

Honestly if someone is in empire space, they shouldn’t have to deal with this BS unless they are willing. Someone knows what they might find when they warp to a WH and when they enter a trig victory systems. At least with Sansha incursions, you can look up where they are.

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That “Trig Minor Victory” stuff is just another example how players are frustrated for no reason because the mechanic is neither explained nor makes much sense to figure it out on your own. The trig Invasion was years ago, the empires should either mark the “Minor Victory” systems as quarantine area (aka explicitly marked as non-Highsec) or reclaimed them by force long ago. It’s almost as stupid as the insta-killing superweapon-drifters that come as reinforcements for Autothysian Lancers in HighSec. No idea what they have smoked when inventing that bullcrap.

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Hey at least those systems are on the map… unlike when trigs appear in a system which isn’t a minor victory system.

Those guys at least only retaliate, so not as bad

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