TRIG or TREAT Event Idea

I think you missed the boat on this one - for halloween, you should have had a “TRIG OR TREAT” event.

You need to scan down event sites, which contain nothing but a cargo can. Opening it can give loot or Trigs may spawn as you open.

Hence, TRIG or TREAT :slight_smile: lol



This would have been so much more entertaining. Also I have to endorse a pun like that.


Usually I would say no to stuff like this because it is cheap merry go round gameplay, but in this case I LOVE IT!! :rofl:


How… boring?

More boring than a re-issue of some skins and a thrown switch of “100% drop rate” ?


Trigs should be treated into the next dumpster.

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You probe a site and warp to it. Yes… boring.

If that makes you happy, then I question your standards.
There’s probably nothing simpler than that, except for receiving your bacon right at the login.

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Nope it wouldn’t but

Which is exactly what this Halloween event is …


I preferred back when CCP didn’t acknowledge RL holidays because - you know - New Eden, role play, and stuff.


This exactly. Why is this lame event worth sacrificing the atmosphere for? They were so lazy they couldn’t even make up a fake in-world lore justification for it.


Not fun like sitting on a high sec gate for eight hours calling people names in local.

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Which I don’t, which everyone in Hek knows. You can talk out of your ass all you want and as much as you always do, but it doesn’t really do anything … except exposing you as a liar.


You seem to spend a lot of time taking general statements as personal attacks. Pretty sure that’s some kind of syndrome.

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I don’t want to scan down the sites because I don’t like scanning, but I love the idea. I would participate for sure, and there are a bunch of different mechanics you can use on the basic idea.

But we got a log in event. I’m not mad about it, but it’s not aimed at veteran players. It’s aimed at newbros. Should have been an actual event aimed at newbros, however.

Actually he sits in Hek ganking newb fit Ventures, posts the killmail and then proudly exclaims GF in local.

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Ohhhh he’s flagging me again! :slight_smile:
That doesn’t help you, though!

Especially not in the game, where it counts!

Yeah man, please point them out at using killmail.
They’re all on zkill. Do it. I’ll wait.

For every player definitely too young, that I’ve ganked,
I have a wallet entry for sending them money,
and a mail that went along with it.
Now go and find them!


Go! Do it! Want my mail API key too?
Or my wallet API key?

You’re a liar, a hater and generally a bad person.
Want another 200 million ISK bounty dropped on you?
A billion?

How much will it take until people start realising that you fly expensive enough ships that it’s actually worth ganking you over and over again?

How about you stop being such an asshole and instead start behaving like a normal person?

The best part is that he claims I sit in Hek ganking people,
while the one thing I definitely can’t do is sit around as -10 in highsec!

Way to go, genius!

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I didn’t flag your crap ass posted reply, wish I did though. I have much better things to do than stalk your shitty forum posts.

The only one here who’s a lying hater is you. Hell you’re nothing but a two-faced ganker troll who just recently posted a thread about wanting to do something different in-game. Then after various options were presented to you, you quickly made up reasons not to do them. All you really wanted was more easy targets so please spare us your BS story about how honorable you are.

Heh, go ahead and waste some more of your ISK on bounty. You’re just a loser who talks big sh*t while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. One thing is for sure, I’ve had it with you constantly harassing me here in these forums and now you wanna bring it in-game, time to start reporting you for harassment.

Japan has holiday themed products.

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