Trig ships vs which faction

i have a big boner for precursor ships just because they are new. i want to fly triglavian ships no matter what

what faction in what region (hisec) would be best to do missions against or complete missions for to most benefit from thermal/explosion type of dmg trigs come with?
level 3 security missions

There is no faction that covers th/ex at a base level.
You’ll have to pick a ship based on one damage type and then boost the other.
On the upside, most ships have high base shield resists against explosive.

Aahhhh, misunderstood. You want it the other way round!

While fun to fly, precursor ships kinda suck for missions. The turret is short range (comparatively) and targets die before you really get any benefit from ramping. As I know this advice won’t be heeded stick with a Drekavac and L3s in prob Gallente space.

Natural resistances.
Amarr = 20 + 50 + 35 + 20 = 125
Caldari = 20 + 50 + 45 + 10 = 125
Gallente = 20 + 50 + 35 + 10 = 115
Winmatar = 20 + 50 + 35 + 10 = 115

Thermal is 20 + 35 = 55 for Amarr, Gallente and Winmatar.
Explosive is 50+20 = 70 for Amarr, 60 for Caldari, Gallente and Winmatar.

Pick either Gallente or Winmatar and prioritize on Thermal.

yeah, alright. thats pretty helpful but where exactly will i find missions solely against minmatar, gallente, angel and serpentis?

caldari have missions vs minmatar/gallente but then i also get missions vs guristas which is not so good

you don’t want the resistance but the resonance ( 100-resist ), which is present in the SDE data.

also drones may be good since elite drones are weak to explosive and normal to em/thermal. not sure though.

nowhere. Each agent is restricted to a pool of missions, according to mainly its corporation. Each pool can have several factions so can not be sure to fight a specific subset of rats only. eg with amarr you will less likely fight angels/serpentis (fight blood instead in eg the assault or extravaganza) and will unlock the minmatar and gallente specific mission .

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so which faction would it be best to do missions for?

Hm? Why? Go on!

True, I didn’t even consider those!

what you want is the the ratio of your DPS that goes in the target

if you deal 60% thermal and 40% explosive, you multiply the thermal by thermal resonance and explosive by explosive resonnace and sum the two.

eg if both resists are 30%, so 70 resonance, it becomes 60 * 70/100 = 42% from thermal + 40 * 70/100 = 28% from explosive, total you deal 70% of your damage (in that case it’s obvious because the resonance are the same)

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Try it yourself and find out. Then report back to us.

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Ha, you’re right!
I was doing it wrong!
I hope I’ll remember this! :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

I do kind of feel bad for actually helping a farmer, which he apparently is, but the question was too interesting to pass. Failed anyway, though. :slight_smile:

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you were doing it right, it’s just that in the game there is no NPC resistance but instead, resonance.

What’s more the correct way would be to use the number of ammo required to mow down a target assuming no rep from said target, and only from a given size of ammo, and not missiles cause they need to factor in the target sig.

Then group the targets by race, remove specific no-mission related rats, group by size and give a weight to each size

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That totally sounds like it’s waaayyy more effort than anyone but the OP himself should be putting into. :blush:

I may do it later, just how to remove the rats (no transporter, no abyssal, no burner) is the issue. All the data& is in the ESI otherwise. The rats are grouped by (race+size) so grouping is already done.

IMO the correct weight (of appearance of rats size) would be 1B = 2 BC = 2CR = 2DS = 4FR so 1/11 of rats that appear is a BS. though this does not take into account very specific rats like zor or the epic amarr one.

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Sleepers maybe?I mean shoot sleepers

They all die when cleansed with the purifying fire of the laser…some just die a little slower…but they all die.

Solecist gave you that information in a round-about way. Angels are the pirates in Minmatar space while Serpentis are the pirates in Gallente space. I assume you’d be wanting to fight for empire factions against pirate factions, but you could always fight for Angels or Serpentis if you wanted to.

I think you mean the timid quack of the laser. #bringback2010lasers

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