Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120

(Valerie Valate) #62

Well that’s where you’re wrong.

The Drifters, and their Sleeper minions, seemingly come from one of the fallen Jove Empires, from around 1000 years ago.

And as everyone knows, the Amarr Empire first constructed a stargate 2000 years ago.


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(Sebat Hadah) #64

I do wonder what the Triglavians call “God”.

(Arrendis) #65

And the Jove existed before that, no matter how many permutations their empires went through. They did not arise on Athra. They existed, they were ‘out there in some form’ since long before that.

But I wouldn’t expect an archaeologist who can’t cite a single peer-reviewed journal she’s published in to exhibit any more reading comprehension than she has in the past.

(Arrendis) #66

Clearly, it’s the number 3.

(Valerie Valate) #67

Why don’t you check the University of Caille Journal of Archaeology, volume 329, issue 11.

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(Sebat Hadah) #69

Is that even a thing?

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(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #71

BOB of course, though in some funky pointy characterset.

(Sebat Hadah) #72

All praise BOB

(Holodeck) #73

it’s actually Bog = God

So close to BOB

Crazy to see mythology of my ancestors and some of my favorite mountain peaks involved in EVE with their names.

(Arrendis) #74

Abyssal Bob:

I may have the capitalization reversed.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #75

Now that I like.

Here’s a thought. What if all the Angels,Daemons and other supernatural occurences the Amarr believe signify God are actually just other branches of ancient humanity? Hiding away from our space/time on some other quantum/gravitational/energy level. Popping up every now and then to dazzle the lesser beings

Imagine that? An entire religion based on the glimpses of nothing more than more advanced humans.

(Arrendis) #76

Imagine that the motivation behind some of the greatest atrocities in the history of history is all because people were screwing with dumber kids?

. . . I really wish that wasn’t 100% entirely realistic.

(Borascus) #77

I’m curious about their weaponry. Anyone ran the computations on how much damage a weapon like theirs could do to a planet?

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #78

I don’t even think they’d have to be screwing with us. We’re just getting glimpses through the smoke and mirrors between us. Human’s have always created Gods and Magic to explain those things that we don’t understand.

(Arrendis) #79

Maybe, but let’s face it, knowing what we all do of human nature… if the choice is between ‘chance’ and ‘actively screwing with us’…

… if there’s people involved, always go with ‘screwing with us’.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #80

Just imagine if the Drifters are nothing more than angst riddled teenage AI.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #81

still waiting for CONCORD to release new informations.
Will update the initial post as soon as new information pop out.

but for a wild guess I would say “not much” the thing is that it seem to be a concentrated beam, therefore it must have a limited range because it’s difficult to maintain the integrity of the beam over distance.

and even worse if the planet has an atmosphere where most of the energy would end up, doing nothing on the surface.