Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120

(Julanna Egnald) #82

Another question I have. As it seems the TC has been right under our noses for thousands of years, did the Drifters come looking for them, or did they by chance open up one of their wormholes into the TC’s dead space pockets?

(Umbre Fallenstar) #84

That is really good question!
Of course, with so few information we can’t say anything more for sure than “ we don’t really know”
before explaining my theory, some things about gravitation ^^

  • whormhole opens in place of gravitational stability, since it’s a common trait with the stargates.
  • we know that whormhole presence was not at the level of activity we have know, but that mean it could be a cyclical evolution with phases of instability (as it was at the start of the capsuleer’s era) and stability (as now).
  • it has been reported that WH connection in drifter WH has decreased in the last few weeks, that could mean we are going to a instability phase.
  • AD is a “gravitational maelstorm” from the words of prf Mayors. It would make sense that they can only be accessed during instability phases.

So, my actual theory:

  • TC explored the AD during a time of instability and learned to stabilize some area of it.
    something made them stay in there long enough to be trapped during a big stability cycle, forcing them to go deeper and deeper.
  • it’s possible that during phases of instability they already went back to our space (either k space or w space) but found nothing of interest and went back in AD.
  • and long after all this, a few week ago, when a new instability cycle begin, they came back in drifter space and - for whatever reason they fought and drifter decided that just repelling them was not enough.
  • the drifter created the cruiser class vessel to go inside the AD

(Vaari) #85

It is worth mention that they are almost certainly heathen and enemies of Holy Amarr. This entitles holy hostilities against them. If it seems they are twisted their human origins into devilish form of uncreation, extermination will be declared upon them.

(Arrendis) #86

Neither, it has recently been revealed that the Triglavian menace was roused entirely by Vaari’s whining, and would like him to stop.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #87

In that case how do we get positive standings with the TC, and will they let us help?

(Umbre Fallenstar) #88

the problem with standings is that it’s a CONCORD process, for the standings to mean something it require an organisation to actually recognize them, that’s why the drifter standing is useless for now, because drifters does not seem to care.

(Borascus) #89

I hope the Caroline’s Star incident wasn’t a drifter tactic to commence warfare with the owners of that ship with New Eden as the meeting point

(Umbre Fallenstar) #90

It’s an interesting thought but i have the feeling that if it was the case, we would have heard about the TC way before.
But it’s up to debate

(Arrendis) #91

Ask Caroline Grace. It’s her star!

(Villiam Kaardanen) #92

dont forget they have an apparent control over Rogue Drones in their space, along with advanced point defenses to protect their vessels and structures from incoming missiles and drones.

in addition, some other capsuleers seem to theorize a possible connection with the Yan Jung. mostly due to the gravitronic and force field expertise, in the case that turns out true for the Triglavs.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #93

(OOc: we atill don’t know avout the structures, rogue drone, rogues drones control and such from an IC perspective, can you edit your comment ? )

(Loki Vaako) #94

I could possibly be wrong but I think the method of the trading of technology will be through the barrel of a gun.

They have obviously stayed hidden for this long for a reason.

(Loki Vaako) #95

The Matari are savages. They refused enlightenment. Lets face it if the Jovians didn’t take us by surprise then the Minmatar would still be under our benevolent protection.

(Aria Jenneth) #96

Um. Bearing in mind, sir, that they “took you by surprise” by failing to send technical and weapon specs for their military ships ahead of time.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #97

~massive Jovian weapon of unknown design melts Amarr fleet~

Amarrian Navy Admiral: Damn, that was a surprise!

(Loki Vaako) #98

Exactly. It would have been the decent thing to do. How were we supposed to know that they were more technologically advanced than us?

(Aria Jenneth) #99

Uh. Sir?

A conversation, or several, might be in order.

(Loki Vaako) #100

I don’t think conversation was our strong suit back then.

(Aria Jenneth) #101

I more meant presently, sir. I am literally right now attempting to open a private conversation.

(Loki Vaako) #102

Ah right. As you can tell i’m on the ball. It would be a pleasure to have a private conversation with you.