Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120

(Aria Jenneth) #103

Thank you, sir.

Private comms channel waiting through capsule comms interface.

(Borascus) #105

This talk of Abyssal deadspace hints at a mystery that should be explored.

One of the mysteries of New Eden being that space is flat, layers of flat would be surprising.

(Diana Kim) #106

That would be expropriation, not trade.

We in the State doesn’t force trade, we only offer possibilities. And when we need to take something by force, we just saying we do that - we aren’t gallentes to lie about our intentions. If we will need that technology to defeat the Federation, and they won’t show interest in trading with us, we will simply expropriate it and fight for it if it will be needed.

(Arrendis) #107

You mean exactly the way you didn’t before you attacked us? Huh.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #108

I’m back in a civilised world and will do a new pass of flagging for off topic replies, as I said before, if you feel the irresistible need to argue over politics, then do it somewhere else please.

thanks you.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #109

I updated the OP with a “question” part, listing the main things that could be related to the TC.
If anyone would add something, let me know !

(Umbre Fallenstar) #110

The Scope have released a new video !

changes have been brought to the OP

to summarize:

  • the TC seem to use AI on their ships
  • concord ruled out intervening in TC domain
  • Concord is currently testing a “filament” that should allow capsuleers to dive into Abyssal Deadspace
  • filaments will be usable only for cruiser, if it’s for technical or possibility reasons not revealed.
  • a vast network of gates exist inside AD
  • TC has vessels of following classes: frigates, cruisers, battleship
  • 5 differents types of pockets
  • the TC have a Bioengineered technology called “mutaplasmid”
  • those have random effects on our technology

Drifters, triglavian and mutaplasmid
(Aria Jenneth) #111

Surviving an encounter with Drifters in an environment like that seems …

… hard?

Hopefully the Drifters aren’t at home there any more than we will be.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #112

The speed of their BC could actually be a certain disadvantage if the “safe space” is limited.

Further more, the hostile environment could actually prevent them to use their double layer of shield, leading to weaker ships and more importantly, the incapacity to use their DD system.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #113

on the limitation of cruiser, it is plausible that it’s a concord imposed limitation because otherwise the drifter could not send their BS inside it.

That said, it’s possible the diving of larger ship damage them on the way because of gravitational impact.
It could mean that the drifters created the cruisers “Orion” and “Cassandra” specifically to this endeavour.

(Aria Jenneth) #114

Or it could be because the “filament” device is currently a work in progress and can only work on ships of around a certain mass? If so, there’s no reason to think the Drifters have the same issue. (And against a single unescorted ship, their normal weaponry is plenty nasty.)

Drifters, triglavian and mutaplasmid
(chaosjj) #115

A civilisation capable of using black holes as a power source… and it seems the TC does have a connection to the jovians, if the concord capsuleer was able to interface his capsule with the TC vessel, it must be capsule-compatible.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #116

sir, if you have some sources to support any of your claims, please let me know.

such claims are hard to beliefs without proof.

(chaosjj) #117

Well, I was in yulai while the ship was in quarantine besides the Concord station, and my neocom listed captain Oveg Drust in command of the vessel, while its true that he might not be a capsuleer, my neocom lists him as such.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #118

that only prove that oveg was connected to a fluid router, nothing more, it can be achieved by numerous ways who do not involve being a capsuleer or piloting a ship by capsule.
If you have proof of the “blackhole as a power source” and that TC have connection with the jovians, please let me know.
even by accepting that the vessel was capsule compatible we do not know on what extend the TC ship was modified, an “on field” modification to allow interfacing could explain why the ship was so damaged and missing it’s shields.

(chaosjj) #119

You’re right, that is a far more likely senario, and my statement regarding the blackhole powersource was based on capsuleer speculation that the ship uses a “harnassed naked singularity”

(chaosjj) #120

forgive me, i’ll be more reserved in my statements, i do not sleep very well now that another seemingly highly advanced player is on the field

(Umbre Fallenstar) #121

I’m sorry if I sounded harsh, that was not my intention, it’s just that I’m working on the TC and I got a little bit too exited ^^"

the fact that you mentioned black holes as power source is coherent with the fact that they seem to master gravitational manipulation. So it’s actually a possibility.

If I may give you an advice, from a scientist, it’s better to use conditional when making statement and there is no “proof”.
But in no way i would prevent you to participate in the debate !

(chaosjj) #122

the implication is facinating isn’t it? i’m not a scientist, but i do know my way around gravitational mechanics and a singularity can in theory be used to generate a massive amount of energy, they are so much more complicated then most people think.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #123

Well, to be honest, such power source is very dangerous.
such singularity could be highly unstable and could end in catastrophes.