Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120

(chaosjj) #124

indeed, a black hole needs to have a mass of about three standard stellar masses to stay a singularity, looking at the size of the one the TC ship seems to be using if its indeed a black hole, has nowhere near that mass, so if the tech supporting it would fail, it could be disasterous.

(chaosjj) #125

for example, a black hole of stellar mass has a radius of about 6 miles, if you where to crush a terrestial planet to the point it collapses into a black hole, it would me about a inch wide.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #126

I went into a bit of thinking on where the TC originated and here are the commons elements with known ancient races:

takmahl ?

  • bio-engineering mastery
  • religious group
  • disappeared to “found new colonies”


  • master of spatial manipulation
  • at least a bit religious
  • mixed science (math) and religious, a fairly fertile ground for the emergence of a “3” based religion
  • migrant culture
  • a plague would have been a good reason to go inside Abyssal deadspace, hard to find, hard to survive, it limit to risk of contagion.

Yan jung

  • gravity field mastery
  • compatible with rogue drone technology, possibly confirmed with rumoured “TC AI”
  • specialized in trigonometry

(Aldrith Shutaq) #127

Any idea if living human or human-like members of this civilization still exist, or are these ships just piloted by their AI? Anything at all discovered about their culture or language or anything that may allow us to communicate?

(Valerie Valate) #128

It’s not the Takmahl.

(Aria Jenneth) #129


Most existing evidence suggests the Takmahl civilization had a brief shining age of wonders, then fell, with the kind of thoroughness and finality that might be difficult to manage without practicing a civilization-wide philosophy and faith that looks at civilization as a sort of confidence game only the weak buy into, and which the strong have no true need for: “Power is all that matters.”

This is why the Federation is foolish to allow Sabik practice in any form within its borders. It’s the kind of belief that tells every servant to plot treachery, and every master to plot against every other. It’s not so much an incorrect belief as an extremely destructive partial truth, so it’s hard to disprove, but it’s both myopic and extraordinarily corrosive. It’s a society-killing belief.

Dr. Valate and I seem differ on this subject mostly as to whether this is an acceptable end. In any case, it’s unlikely we’ll find a Takmahl remnant still coherent enough as a society to pose a threat.

(Valerie Valate) #130

Well when you put it like that , it does sound a bit grim, doesn’t it.

Also you can read my brief history of the decline of the Takmahl Empire here.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #135

add to the OP the Triglavian alphabet, compilation of the Arataka Research Consortium.

thanks to all made it o7

(Arrendis) #136

Add this to the CONCORD INFORMATION section:

CONCORD doesn’t actually want Capsuleers going into these pockets or bringing back advanced technology. They’ve indicated anyone entering the deadspace areas with the most significant technological return will be flagged SUSPECT upon return.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #138

do you have a source I missed this?
(I trust you, but I would prefer to add the sources)

(Dark Engraver) #139

In the latest Concord endorsed statement toward the press a warning was issued to capsuleers who travel too deep in abysal deadspace.
Those capsuleers will be flagged as suspects.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #140

thanks you very much sir.

Triglavian Collective - Cultural Hypothesis and Discussion - Linguistic Analysis
(Umbre Fallenstar) #141

With the release of filament technoloogy on the official market and the latest galactic hour with Ret Glorriax, comes new informations

  • Each filament is linked to a specific pocket of AD
  • Various pirates and sleepers seem to have now access to this technology
  • The filament alter the warp field of the ship, confirming the effect to be a gravitational and by correlation, that AD is probably a natural phenomenon.
  • The filament require a correct energy-mass ratio, meaning that with further mastery, we will be able to use other hulls.
  • The filament become entangled with the ship’s warp core. Possible long term effect to determine.
  • The mutaplasmid are actually colony of “extremophilic bacteria”, suggesting that our space-time conditions could lead to death. Possible confirmation of impossibility to TC’s people to live inside our own space.
  • The mutaplasmid exist in two states: actives and inactives.
  • When dormant, it need a tool to make it both active and specialized.
  • When active, early information seem to suggest that it has a lifespan, meaning that it decay with time.
  • The bateria colonies can become unstable and is highly open to mutation, to use with great caution. Possible corruption of nanopaste inside every structures.
  • Triglavian are suggested to be ALIVE and to have an active culture and/or scientific program !

More info in OP

OP updated!

(Umbre Fallenstar) #142

small update to add a link to the language analysis..

Waiting for peer reviewing and consensus before adding it to the “FACT” list.

(Aria Jenneth) #143

So, here’s a thing.

It seems the TC has been enslaving some rogue drones, and is at war with the rest. The ones we see flying with them have been subverted and controlled somehow. The presence of Triglavian devices for destroying wild, if that’s the word, drones isn’t a coincidence or a strange tactical misstep. Mincing rogue drones is exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Rogue drone presence in the Abyss is confirmed up to and including battleship-scale Overminds. An undamaged Overmind with escort takes a long time to bring down, and should be considered as much or more a threat to the clock than, in a direct way, to the Abyss-diving capsuleer.

I … kind of nearly had the clock run out on me in a Fierce Firestorm Abyssal pocket after encountering such a thing. We made it out with maybe 20 seconds to spare. I’m actually thanking the spirits this morning on behalf of my crew that we didn’t run into a second.

To my fellow divers, I’d advise caution in dealing with the Abyss. It really is a dangerous place.

Back on topic: whatever the nature of the Triglavian Collective, its ships attack aggressively and on sight. Cruisers and frigates close range quickly. Battleships make a run for the pocket edge, forcing you to chase them and running down the clock. Current thinking disfavoring microwarp drives might have to be rethought at some point; the other factions seem aware that we can’t stay for long. That clock is potentially deadly.

So far all Triglavian ships I’ve encountered fit into one of two categories: “Striking” and “Starving.” The first I assume is focused more on attack, but I’m not sure how other than their entropic disintegrators. “Striking” battleships encountered in pairs cross-rep; even heavily-damaged ones will soon claw their armor back. Haven’t yet confirmed whether the smaller ships do the same, since my focus has been on killing them quickly. “Starving” ships use energy neutralizers to, well, starve us. Cap booster charges seem like an important thing to carry.

I’ve seen the frigates leading swarms of what I guess were rogue drones. The drones were present in huge numbers, but went inactive when the frigates fell and did not block my progress.

Oh-- and CONCORD’s thoughts on the exit gates seem to confirm: those really are singularities they’re playing around with. Fly carefully, pilots.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #144

Recent Linguistic analysis of some data recovered from schematics and carvings seem that it is not enslavement but willing cooperation between the two.

But a faction inside the Triglavian colelctive disagree and consider them a threat.

I would add that CONCORD also updated it’s classification on rogue drone, and there is 5 different “faction” inside rogue drones.

Thanks for the return on the rest, I will update the OP later this evening.

thanks again for your participation o7

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #145

I already wondered about the possibility of dealing with Rogue Drones as sentient beings, and now I actually feel a little sorry for this lot. Claw your way up to intelligence only to be enslaved.

By an odd coincidence I once heard almost the exact same phrase whilst in Uni. The context was somewhat different though.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #146

As I said, TC seem to have managed to have diplomatic relations with the Rogue drones, like the SOE in our space.

So actually, TC seem to have managed to do a better job than us on this part.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #147

So ‘enslaved’ isn’t quite right, they are allies to some degree?

(Umbre Fallenstar) #148

that’s what it seem to.

For more information, read this analysis.
And if you have information, feel free to comment. I need a consensus before adding it to the “known fact” list, so if you agree with the analysis, say it, if you disagree, say why too ^^